WHITE NOISE! shshshshshshshshshsh

I've having a problem with white noise in my videos.
as can be seen here:
Clones in conflict EP 1
I think it's a tiny bit better here
Clones in conflict EP 2
and a little better still here
Clones in conflict EP 3
is there anything I else I can do?
I have magic lantern on my camera, a RODE video mic pro, what settings do you pro's go with?
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  • duffman
    duffman Posts: 234 Enthusiast
    I only watched the first one.
    Might want to try cutting/lowering the input gain when recording and moving the mic closer to the audio source.
    Use HitFilms volume envelopes. Where there is no dialogue draw in volume evolutions dropping the audio track volume to cut the white noise hiss.
    If you are using Vegas it comes with some decent DX plugin tools for cleaning up audio.
  • ok.. I think it gets better on the thrid one cause I played with the gain and all....
    ok, volume envelopes... ok...
  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff
    Yeah, volume envelopes will help in dealing with the problem, but ideally you would be recording cleaner audio to begin with. Is there an auto gain function in effect here, while you are recording? Or is the mic just a long ways from the actors, and cranked way up?
  • Keegan
    Keegan Posts: 287 Just Starting Out*
    Sounds like your audio is dipping into the noise floor. Increasing you mic sensitivity or getting closer to the mic could help. Also, if your mic is a condenser mic (or 'capacitor mic' if you're not in America) then it requires phantom power (+18V in the film world, I think). Boosting the gain post-recording will also boost the noise. White noise is equal energy spread out across all frequencies, so no amount of EQing will completely erase the problem. Additionally, white-noise cancelling plugins can create some strange masking that is really jarring.
    Long story short, make sure you are recording at a good reference level to avoid excess noise in your sound channel.
  • guitar74
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    I'm sure it is the audio being turned up to high, but the audio reminds me of a MP3 at low quality.. Play with the audio like everyone is suggesting. Good luck!
  • SimonKJones
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    If you can't eliminate the noise in the source recording, don't forget to run your audio through something like Audacity and apply a noise removal filter and a normalise to get the volume evened out.