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Hey There,
My first full length scene in development and looking to collect feedback for improvements and suggestions. Just started to read the color correction handbook to try and improve there. Also expierienced some soft focus issues related to using an Auto Focus at night. Also of note no one is a professional actor so we know we need lots of work there.

From the Independent Film "Winter Clawz"
All Feedback Welcome :)


  • Keegan
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    I didn't think the compositing was all that bad. I think you could benefit from doing some compositing in 3D space, though. A virtual camera move and some layers placed in different spots can create some nice parallax that could really make your scene pop! I would check out Andrew Kramer's Jungle tutorial for that. Everything he does can be done in Hitfilm Ultimate (I know because I did it here! )
    I hope that was helpful! Keep up the good work!
  • Freeze
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    Yes very helpful :) Thanks! good advice :) Will into the parallax and 3D aspect a bit more.
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    You might also think about doing your own ident and getting rid of the rating/fox 2k ident.
    There also seems to be a lot of visual fx going on in the clip. And I know that's the point of using VFX software like HitFilm, but the less is more rule still applies. Make sure that every effect has a reason for being there and is doing something to enhance the story you are trying to tell.
    You wouldn't put an actor into a movie unless there was a reason for them to be there, whether it's a major role or background actor. You wouldn't put an actor in to wander aimlessly through the movie and look cool. They should be serving the story in some capacity. The same logic applies to VFX.
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    Thanks for the advice:) Less is more, got it. Was thinking of developing my own ident introm so right there too. Thanks so much for the feedback!