Hey guys i need some help now. A computer-shop in norway ( ) The point is to make a commercial for, it can only be 30 sec. If anyone have some film-concepts, please share it.


  • SimonKJones
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    You're going to need to provide some more information than that. :)
    Also, not to ask the obvious, but if this is a competition, won't most people want to enter it for themselves rather than giving their potentially-winning idea away?
  • TomMc
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    As someone who has spent a large amount of time making 30" commercials, I would advise that you have a think the product/brand and try and find one cool thing to focus on and basing your idea around that.
    Whatever the idea, you need it to grab people's attention quickly - some classic commercial approaches are to make it funny, have a twist or to make use of things people are already familiar with like music, or classic film scenes.
    Simon's right though - more info is required, and it really needs to be your own idea.
    You may be surprised how much story you can fit into 30" if you approach it right...
  • The contest is just within Norway tought :) is a Norwegian shop that sells everything from computer hardware to camera and tripods, their slogan is "Trusted by geeks since 1996". They started as a small pc workshop in a small place in norway, but today its one of the biggest pc shops in the north. They builds computers worth over 1 billion Kr ( around 18 million us dollar) each year.
    Each year they have a film contest.
    This year its about a commercial for them. Like and ad for them.
    There is very few rules, the most important that you have to get it done within 01.03. And it can only be 30 seconds long. I assume they want a funny commercial, just watch one of their own commercial and you'll see why i said so:

    I have never made a commecial, or i have, sort of, but NOT so short. 30 sec seems like nothing, but like TomMc said, its amazing how much you can put into 30 sec, i can believe that, but i have no experience what i should focus on.
    So far the only ideas i have is a person that orders something from their website, then a helicopter arrives and drops the delivery ( i think i could just add's logo on top of a texture for a helicopter ) then the guy opens the box and takes out a teleport device or something like that and then he disappears (teleports away, like they do in Prism, the Teleport Effect. I dont know if thats a good idea for a commercial, it sound stupid, but it my minds it kinda works :mellow: