Sony Vegas Pro 12 build 394 hitfilm integration

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I took a step back for a while and filed a tech support question with Sony trying to solve this integration problem with Vegas and HF that I never got working here in this forum and now they Vegas tech support is stumped. Vegas crashes every time it sends the file to hitfilm. Their last response was they wanted to look through this forum for other users experience. I bought hitfilm in November and still have not solve this issue. The main reason I upgraded to vegas 12 and HFU. Any new developments I can try?


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    How big of a project are you working on? I had this issue when I had a VERY large project with lots of separate clips being edited in HItfilm. Sony always reloads assets when you click away from the program and it crashed often.
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    Also first thing I'd try would be turning GPU support off at Options/Preferences/Video in Vegas Pro.
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    An update to Vegas 12 has been posted.
  • Thanks for the responses. The project has had one video clip all the way up to a full on project (a commercial so it was 1 min but full of media). I have the latest version of vegas pro and turned of the graphics card but still it crashes. I can get the file sent to hitfilm but then it crashes vegas and vegas won't update after I save the project in hitfilm either.
  • If it was able to send the clip to HitFilm, then your clip was successfully turned into a HitFilm project. That is, HitFilm does not use your clip directly, but instead uses a HitFilm project by the same name (plus the characters "_0000" or "0001", etc.), which gets created before the HitFilm application starts up. Since Vegas is able to use HitFilm projects that are dropped on its timeline (just as if they were clips), merely restart Vegas and manually drop the updated HitFilm project into your Vegas timeline if it is not there, as a work-around for your problem.
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    For me this lastest build of Vegas is much more stable. I did turn on GPU accel.....but above that setting a couple of ticks I thinks its called "Dynamic Ram PReview". Not at my studio computer at the moment so I am guessing at the name of the setting. I have that set at 0.
    This is with an Asus-Nvidia 560 TI and the latest driver.
  • Thanks Guys! I will use the work around and play with the DR preview settings.