Adapter for Angenieux Lens?

Hey Guys!
It's been a while since I posted on a forum like this, I was actually an FXHomer back in the day so it's great to be back! I was wondering if within the infinite pool of wisdom on this site someone might be able to tell me if I could get an adapter ring for my canon T2i that would allow me to slap an old Angenieux lens on there that looks like this: 16 Lenses/Angenieux-12.5--75T2.5-10466-large.jpg
I recently came into it and it looks like a really nice piece of glass, it's an Angenieux 12-120mm T2.5 Type 10x12B zoom lens in Arri Standard mount if that helps any. I want to see what the lens can do but the camera doesn't actually work anymore, there's a problem with the sprockets, they don't catch the film.
Any help that you guys could give me would be really helpful and appreciated!
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