Microsoft's Poignant, Touching 90's Ad

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Hey all,
For any of you that have been on social media or looking at general tech news recently, you've probably seen the ad that Microsoft put out earlier this week to promote their new version of Internet Explorer. If you haven't, well, you should.
Another truly inspired, poignant, and touching ad by the Microsoft people. Combined with the 'Wow' campaign, the 'Kinect Effect' ad, and all of the Halo ones- it's really hard to knock them for their marketing.
Such a high level of care and emotional weight to all of their marketing, it's unfortunate Microsoft has fallen so greatly over the past 10 years.
Nonetheless, a great ad.
Using the tagline "No, it's good now. Really." and the cleverly self-effacing URL 'The Browser You Loved to Hate'.com all points to a well redesigned, forward-moving brand. Pretty great.


  • While it may be a technically a well produced advert and its a very clever to try and associate there brand with the happy feelings of growing up I would question its overall effectiveness
    Does it get to the route cause of why people take the time to download and switch to another browser?
    For me there was the perception that Microsoft browser was slow, out of date and insecure. There may also be a bit of snobbery that noone who knows anything about computer does not use internet explorer.
    Also there might be the memory of the time that Microsoft bumped off the competion and let there product stagnate, who knows if it wasn't for Firefox and later Chrome we might not need to get nostalgic about the old internet explorer we could still be using it.
    So is switching browser a technical or emotional choice or maybe a combination of the two and will the people who have switched be won over by the current campaign, Im not sure but would be interested to here some more opinions.
    I would like to say that im not anti Microsoft I have happly used there operating systems since windows 3.1
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    "Hey twenty-somethings, remember the nineties?!"
    I dunno, I didn't really think this was anything special. I'm no fan of advertising in general, though, so I have a hard time finding anything impressive about commercials outside of technicality. I feel like I've seen dozens of ads just like this one.
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    I'm older than twenty-something... but I seem to remember Yo-Yo's were around before the nineties! :)
    About the ad, to be honest the first thing I thought of was the "Pepperidge Farm Remembers" ad from Family Guy.
    Also, as an ad for Internet Explorer, I don't think it does anything at all to make me consider changing browsers.
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    I don't know that there is anything outstanding about this particular ad. I liked it a lot though. It was well made and it did have some nastalgia to it for me, since I was born and grew up in the 90s. So with that said, it was definitely something I enjoyed watching and recognizing all the items they mentioned.
    As for switching my browser, well I did. I am currently using Internet Explorer 9 and I actually like it, a lot. I have had one issue relating to Netflix which may just be netflix, and not the browser but I will check it on chrome and possibly firefox before chocking it up as a negative against Internet Explorer. So far so good.
    In this case it was purely that ad that convinced me to switch. More out of curiosity, as Internet Explorer has been pretty much junk since day one, and partly because I did enjoy the ad. Altogether, this ad isn't necessarily superb but it does strike a cord, at least with me it does. In that way I would say it was a pretty good ad, assuming that they realize that the only ones who will be directly effected by this are the people who grew up in teh 90s.
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    I get it, but dont like it. All of the internet explorer's I used except for I think 7 were the worst I ever used. Microsoft needs to reinvent the explorer. Back to commerical, those were things from the 90's and internet explorer, but it dont make me like it any better.
    The past years, Microsoft has lost their touch and making one mistake after another. Just my opinion.
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    That's considerably better than the last IE advert I saw, which focused in on how crap IE used to be - which was bizarre and one of the most misguided adverts I've seen. The concept is pretty terrible. Rather than making me rethink IE and give it another go, it instead reminds me exactly why I stopped using it in the first place, reinforcing my original decision.
    This particular advert, though, is considerably better. Fun, nostalgic and surprisingly successful in its cherry-picking of 90s stuff. Does absolutely nothing to make me use IE, of course, so as an IE ad it's entirely unsuccessful. As an advert for my 90s memories it works brilliantly, though. :)
    Of course, it probably doesn't work on me because I didn't get a Windows computer until around 2000. So my memories of using IE aren't connected to the 1990s at all.
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    Funny thing is that I have no memories of using IE at all. In the early 1990s I was on AOL and then I jumped straight to Netscape Navigator. Remember that one, oldies?
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    Whoa, guess I didn't really expect that reaction.
    Then again, I think I'm in the most-ideal situation and position to enjoy the ad. I was born in the late 80s, grew up on Dos and Windows 95, used Internet Explorer constantly and tie the rigidity of it to the fads highlighted in the ad, I suppose. They all sort of collectively swirl together.
    I think I was 10 or 11 when Netscape was huge, but I had been using, begrudgingly, Internet Explorer for years and years before that, and shortly thereafter switched over to Firefox when it was created. And then, in the old FXhome days, one of you guys got me on to Opera for a while, too.
    But I have to admit, the likening of silly, in-hindsight-poor-idea fads to the browser I quite like- because it's so consistently and vocally considered a novice, 'old people and little kids use it because they don't know any better' browser- that the sign-off of "You grew up, so did we" makes me really appreciate their effort. Not just for sentiment, but for honesty. 'Browseryoulovedtohate'? I think that's genius. It's the huge elephant in the room, how much animosity is given hilariously-without-defense to IE. It's cool to see Microsoft notice it and respond well.
    Internet Explorer was a childishly-shoved-down-your-throat-web-browser for most Windows users. To see it embrace a new attitude, style, and fluidity that's competitive with Chrome is pretty charming and refreshing, honestly. Acknowledging the old stuff was bad, reminding that Microsoft used to be a great company and was a de-facto standard of childhood, reminiscing on the momentos of the time, and making a decent case for at least trying out the new IE- I dunno, guess it just really hit home for me.
    And to be fair, I've poo-pooed all over Internet Explorer for a decade. But I dunno, I'm at least giving it a shot because of this ad. So that says something, I think. I also just appreciate positivity-forwarding, well-composed-and-orchestrated ad work.
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    Yeah, it's a nicely produced advert for sure. It's interesting just how reliant it is on the viewer having been in the right place at the right time, rather than going the usual advert route of trying to appeal to everybody (and usually failing). My case, for example, is that I was exclusively using Acorn Risc PCs in the 1990s, so IE wasn't even a factor, even though all the other cultural fads in the video fit me quite nicely (given I was 10-20 years old throughout that decade).
    I almost feel like it'd be worth them doing the same advert for the 2000s, as that's the specific period where people started to perceive IE as being terrible.
  • I think it proved one thing... That they were one of the reasons kids don't play outside with water guns, yoyo's and stuff any more :)
    Microsoft... bringing you closer to the couch!
    Become a couch spud... welcome to Windows 8.