Help me recreate magic attacks from Final Fantasy 4

Ok this is the psp version so it's not quite the same as the old sprites all the spells and special attacks are particle looking things.
Trying to learn how to use this thing more and not having much luck with my other editing endeavors I thought it would be fun to try and do this.
This is what I have so far

The original attack comes first followed by my best attempt at recreating it.
Blitz is at a lighting attack but didn't have the best idea how to mimic it's appearing and ferocity
Flame, that is my second attempt at it, it doesn't look quite the same, might try to add embers to it eventually but It doesn't look too bad
Flood, I haven't even attempted yet any idea how I could do that one?


  • PhilWesson
    PhilWesson Posts: 241 Enthusiast
    I have some ideas, but are you trying to recreate the actual effect of the spell cast, or the actual casting of the spell?
    (Loved that game, by the way)
  • Dimipapa
    Dimipapa Posts: 436 Enthusiast
    The flooding part, doesn't look terribly hard, maybe even a distorted noise texture might work, but not really sure how to start.
    Love it too btw, check out HCBailly on youtube sometime if you want he does lets plays of lots of great RPG's. Including this one.