Youtube channel name help

I am starting a new youtube channel to show off effects done in Hitfilm and After Effects and I am stumped on a name for it. I was thinking of something tech like and then the word media following it. Or a word that has to do with filmmaking, but I want the second word to be media. Thanks!


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    Guitar: So, that would be 'Effects effects'? You also missed off the word 'Media', which Ryan wants. :)
    Ryan - I wouldn't worry too much about a name to begin with. Make some content, see what kinda stuff it covers, and maybe use that as inspiration. Or, just go with your own name. Rather than making up a non-existent company, go with your own name so that people associate your quality content with your name. Far more beneficial for yourself in the long-run.
    Basically, none of your viewers are going to care what your channel is called. They're only going to care about the quality of the content. So don't sweat it.
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