Extremely poor performance in Editor

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I'm new to Hitfilm, but I made a title and gave it some extorsion effect.
Now I placed it over my other clip and blended it with "Screen", which worked. But now the editor plays the clip at about 7 fps.
I can preview render it and then play it fine, but as soon as I go back to the editor, the preview render is gone. Meaning I'm back to 7 fps.
This isn't very good, seeing as I'm trying to check if the new Composition is working well with my rest of the movie.
My Hardware is:
[*]Intel Core i7 3470k
[*]GTX 560ti
[*]8GB DDR3 Ram
So my hardware is pretty potent.
Is there some way to let hitfilm keep the render?


  • Robin
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    Yeah, caching data from preview renders (like visionlab perfectly did!) would be hugely useful. But the framerate drop when using blend modes sounds right, have the same thing.
  • Zushii
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    I mean I have 8GB of RAM, that aren't being used...don't see why storing that would be an issue?
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    I mean I have 8GB of RAM, that aren't being used...don't see why storing that would be an issue?
    It wouldn't be, not from the resource management - but implementing caching would take some programming for example to determine which frames are still in the cache and which have to be rerendered depending on the changes you made to the project. So, I hope this will get implemented in one of the next versions of HitFilm.
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    I'm a programmer myself, all it would really need is that it were to keep the rendered composition in the RAM, and check if there is one. If there is it plays the render instead of doing a live one.
    If the user changes something in the composition, the old render is removed from the RAM and it needs to rerendered.
    This is a simple implementation, which would be fine. Since often you will render out one scene and not touch until much later.

    (However I have no clue as to what you'd need to actually do to this.)
  • Masqutti
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    Well I would create this to become a bigger project. Use HF or, some other software that's intended for film cutting, like Adobe premiere, final cut, lightworks etc. Then export your clips from hitfilm to that application and do the cutting there. If you need to change something, you always have that hitfilm project saved for your title and can update from there... I see no other way if you want a fast cutting... This is kind of proxy use... I bet most of those cutting software allows you to just update that clip file with HF, and you're good to go and continue... Not as easy as intended inside hitfilm, but I think that's pretty much how they work even in the industry.
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    The format of the video your editing matters a lot too. I recently started converting my footage to DNxHD, which is an Avid format, and my editing/effects compositing lag has improved a lot.