Trouble with adding lights to a comp

I was recently trying to add a key light and ambient light to emulate the 3D Title Tutorial, but could not get them to work, or at least it did not appear that any light was being added when I created them.
I should be able to just create a light and then be able to adjust their properties. It does not appear that any light ever gets added.
Could I be missing something?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Can you see the light layer on the Timeline after you add a light? If so, when you select that layer, do you see the control widget in the viewer? I'm trying to determine if the light itself isn't appearing, or you just aren't seeing anything illuminated by it when you create it.
    By default every light you create will be a point light, which will quite likely need to be moved before it illuminates the objects in your scene. It will of course, depend on the position of the objects, but just like in the real world, you need to make sure your light is in front of the object you want to illuminate, so you can see it, and that the range of the light reaches the object. Try switching the viewer to Top view, and make sure the light is in between the object and the camera. If the light is in the same location as the object, or behind it, then you won't get any light cast onto the object. An exception to this is if you switch the light to Ambient, in which case it will illuminate everything evenly, regardless of its position.
    As far as the range, by default a light has no falloff, so it will reach everything. But if you change the Falloff type to Linear or Curve, then you need to make sure the Range of the light is sufficient so that it reached the object you want to light up.
  • emmo5611
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    The light is between the camera and the object. I have moved it closer to the object and farther away with no change. I will try just making a simple shape and put a light on it to see if I can make it work in another project.
    I did not change any of the actually lighting settings, so it should be showing up.
    Weird, I will try some of your suggestions in a different project and get back with my results.
  • emmo5611
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    ok so I tried it in another comp and it did work, so in my original one I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for the tips and I will post another question if I cannot get it to work.