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Figure I'd start a new thread about my fan film being done through a former FX Home product (Visionlab Studios) since the forums were switched to here from the old site.
In short, this is a fan film project I'm doing for the annual Sci Fi Convention known as G-FEST which usually takes place in Chicago, IL. Several Godzilla fans and I had hand made our own kaiju suits over the years previously and all decided one year to make a bunch of props, get some cameras and have some fun making a "mock trailer." It was then I learned Final Cut/Vision Lab Studios to attempt to polish what we filmed and showcased it the next year. The response was soo big, that we decided to take it further. Now I'm almost halfway done with the project and hope to have it done by July of this year. Hope you all enjoy these links (esp Axel Wilkenson and the other team members who developed Vision Lab and helped me out tremendously when I got stuck on things.)
Here's the links from newest to oldest:
(GBR 2013 SneakPeak)

(GBR 2012 G-FEST Trailer)

(GBR 2012 SneakPeak)


(GBR 2011 G-FEST Mock Trailer)


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    I liked it.
    Is it just me, or did the Godzilla type monster kicked the Octopus monster in the balls? (at 7:57 in the top clip)
    I kind of hope so. I cannot remember seeing that before.
    I also like the way the planned finish date is around Pacific Rim's release date as well :)
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    I can't believe how well my new video has been doing lately (esp with the Legendary Trailer helping to generate youtube interest in Godzilla). Up to 41,000 views and almost 150 likes.


    Cant thank all you enough for all the support and esp those who've helped share the vid and spread the word on our project. I esp can't thank the makers of Visionlab Studios enough as this program has been a most valuable asset to my project. I'm now down to nearly 100 shots left to finish (give or take) and then the final edit and sound edit will commence finally.


    For those who are new to this, I hope this may be a fun appetizer while waiting for the Legendary Godzilla. Thanks again for the love, (or hate  ), wish me luck on the final steps, and Happy Holidays.

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    Please do put this latest video on the movie wall so that HitFilm can share it with their other users through there. 
    I love love the fact that you tried to do everything in this video. Obviously you know that there are issues with a lot of the effects, but you didn't make it to look realistic and I really think it's great. It reminds me of the black and white film 'It came from beneath the sea' (if you haven't seen it - you MUST!)
    I really respect how high you aim with your projects - through your attempt to do the impressive scenes, it gives the impression of being a world-shattering event. 
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    I would point out that if you're doing proper kaiju--good old rubber suit kaiju--you might want the effects to look a bit "cheesy." That's part of the fun!
    I agree with Kristi--post these on the movie wall. Tons of fun!
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