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Hello folks, here's an effect I'm working on and thought I'd throw it out on the forum for opinions.
Note that the sound effect is temporary and should be replaced. Dialog has been left out.
The idea here is that she goes to hug an old mummy, and he turns to dust.
I've still got some more things to fix and tweak, but would be interested in hearing not only what y'all would change, but if you would have done this entirely differently, and if so, how.
Now for my main issue I've got to deal with. I really like the smoke textures that come with HF, they are easy to use and get the job done. In this example, I'm using it as dust rather than smoke. However, after the main effect, the girl waves her arm through the dust, and I'd like to make the dust react to her arm movement. The main problem is due to the size of the textures, it just doesn't seem to work right with big chunks of dust moving. I'll probably have to redo some of the dust using much smaller textures, but before I get started on that, would like to hear any ideas y'all have.

Let me know what you think,
Thanks for looking,


  • SimonKJones
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    Nice effect! Already looking good. Big smoke textures only really work for non-interactive smoke. As soon as you want something to move through it or for the smoke to dramatically change direction, the large texture become very obvious, as you've discovered.
    I'd recommend having a completely separate emitter creating much smaller dust-type particles, and have those ones interact with the actress' arm, rather than the main particles.
  • Robin
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    I really like that effect! Yeah as Simon said, that would probably work best with another particle system that spawns smaller particles, and then making a cubic force and roto it roughly to her arm moving...
  • rgbii
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    Thanks! I'm using smaller particles for sand that falls out of the body, but it falls quickly. I didn't think of making the dust a mix of large and small - I'll have to give that a try, it sounds promising. I've already got a cubic turbulence force setup (it made the large dust look like semi-transparent soccer balls flying around :) ), so it should be easy to test.
    Thanks again!
  • Thelurkerish
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    I think the original effect is pretty much there. Fantastic stuff, watching it for the first time it really works.
    Even going through it and pausing the shot its hard to see any flaws
    It will be interesting to see the revised version
  • dsnell0417
    dsnell0417 Website User Posts: 74
    Me like.
    I agree with Win - the woman noticably jumps when the effect begins. I had the same problem with something I did a few months ago, basically because I only did 2 takes and didn't review the video on site because of time constraints. I had a bunch of volleyball players all reach out at the same time towards an imaginary volleyball, but one of the players reached out a few frames too early. So I added a second copy of the clip and slid it to the right in the timeline. Then I put a mask around the offending player and replaced herself so she reached out at the right moment. I only used enough frames to get her in sync with everyone else, then when back to the main clip. I think that was the point where I wanted to use the clone tool but couldn't figure it out.
    Anyway, I really like what you've done.
  • rgbii
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    I've put so much into the mummy, I haven't gotten around to adjusting the actress. Before posting here, the actresses glitch was the main thing the director noticed as an issue too. The frame is clean enough, including her, once I can identify what needs to change, hopefully I can remove a frame or build a new one if needed to smooth that out.
    Yesterday I played around with mixing smaller particles of dust for the actress to interact with after the main effect. So far I really like the results and it looks much more realistic to me. I'm about to head out for the day, but will try to upload the change when I get back in.
    Thanks again everyone - much appreciated.
  • rgbii
    rgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    I made these changes on Friday, but am just now getting a chance to upload/post. It needs some fine tuning, but I'm liking the dust after the main effect a lot better (I haven't made any additional changes to the main effect yet). It's hard to see, but it actually responds to her body/head and hand/arm moving, along with her coughing in to the dust.
    Let me know what you think. I'm hoping to get time to work on this some more in a couple of days.

  • fredclips
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    You are right that it is a little hard to see the dust responding to her movement. However it was happening and may be one of the things that you notice it more when it is not there.
    However I do like this effect a lot. Very effective.
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