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Just wondered where most people get their ideas or stories from to make their films? I just do short little things for youtube for fun , and no matter what it has some silliness in it because I am made that way. I haven't done anything lately except some simple camera experimenting with my go pro. I am stumped for new ideas. Just wondered where yall turn to for inspiration? and yes I am from the south U.S.A lol


  • PhilWesson
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    This may sound silly, but... Dishes and Music.
    So most of the story ideas that I script come from listening to my "inspiring music' playlist while I do dishes, or clean my apartment, or some other menial task. Letting your mind create scenes while hearing something that brings up emotion has never failed me. So, once I have a scene in my head, I start asking myself who the characters are, why they're where they are, what the conflict and environment have to offer, and move backwards from there.
    I've also written a list of effects that I want to try, and sometimes those make it in as well.
    Definitely put together an inspiring music playlist. Here's mine:
    Map of the Problematique - Muse
    On the Borderline - Roadgeek
    Sail - AwolNATION
    Amy In the TARDIS - Murray Gold
    Angel - Massive Attack
    Cloud Atlas End Title - From the soundtrack
    In the House, In a Heartbeat - 28 Days Later Sountrack
    Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
    O, Children - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    These are just off the top of my head, but you get the idea.
  • rgbii
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    I was asking myself this same thing a year or so ago and ended up taking some sketch comedy writing classes offered by a local improv group. I figured, even if it only helps me write a few things here and there, I'll meet other writers, who hopefully have written stuff that they would like to shoot.
    I now have a couple of scripts in various stages of me not finding time to finish them, but I've also been helping others shoot theirs, and am in the process of editing one we recently shot that is a parody of the twitlight serious, but involves mummies :)
    After taking the classes, and comparing myself to some of the others in the class, I think I'm just an Ok writer, however, whenever I watch some of the average, uh, 'stuff' on you tube, I feel like Hemingway :)
    Check and see what is offered in your area. I know the classes I took were a lot of fun.
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