Live Action Sonic The Hedge Hog Fan Film

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So there are certain video game characters which always get my attention. Here is a Sonic Fan Film which did just that. There are some roughness in areas to the visual effects being blended. I love cheesy sci fi so I liked it. Love the camera work work.


  • SimonKJones
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    The editing on this seems waaaay off, unfortunately. I skipped through the first half but couldn't manage much more. Feels like if this was edited down into a snappy 10 minute film it could be quite entertaining, but everything is so plodding and drawn-out - which is rather ironic given that it's about a super-fast character.
    Looks like a ton of effort, though, so I do applaud them in that. And while I'd never want to grumble about anybody's fannish tendencies (I've got a fair few myself), I do find the direction Sonic has gone in utterly perplexing. Back in the early 90s when he was a simple cartoony platforming character in colourful landscape it worked really nicely, but increasingly there seems to have been an effort by both fans and creators to add Serious Story to the franchise. The overly serious nature of the setting seems totally at odds with the actual characters...
  • MichaelJames
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    @Simon the serious story trend came when they moved away being a platformer. Super Mario has stayed true to his roots a little too much. Every game does not have to have bowser. Sonic was a fun game and then they tried to do too much. They've been trying to repair the brand with a couple decent entries
  • DanielMorgan
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    It's a lovely effort and there are some rather poignant visuals in the film. I have to agree with Simon however, the editing is .... well off is probably the right word. The pacing is rather slow and dull, this dullness is further amplified by a lack of depth in the sound design. Everything sounds wooden and boring, there's no punch to it.
    It's enjoyable for about 3 minutes before the underlying nostalgia wears off. A nice piece however, I thought the sonic character himself was done well :)
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