Girl Fight: DARES series

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We finished episode 3 of our Girl Fight Dares series over Christmas.
It's called STABSCOTCH. Or, as daughter one says 'Parenting at its finest'. :)
I do like how this one turned out. It is a completely new set of skills to integrate the practical effects with the digital. Hope to do more with that in the future.
BTW: Instead of posting a new topic for each video I'm going to just add to this one, so I've added the first two Dares here as well.
Episode 3: Stabscotch

Episode 2: Burn

Episode 1: Struck


  • TomMc
    TomMc Website User Posts: 112 Just Starting Out
    Nice work - I always enjoy your films, and the performances make me chuckle (in a good way!)
  • fredclips
    fredclips Website User Posts: 228
    Thanks for watching guys.
    @TomMc. We will accept that in a good way then! ;)
    I must say I would much rather be behind the camera than in front. I know I am a terrible over-actor! (or is the correct term an excellent over-actor?)
  • SimonKJones
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    edited January 2013
    Hehe, ep3 is my favourite so far! The style and performances are really good - very low-key and deadpan, which makes the extreme violence much funnier. :)
    Technical-wise, I like that you kept ep3 very focused and simple, ensuring that each of the VFX shots works really well. It's convincing, which is essential for the humour. Would definitely like to see a continued blend of practical and CG in your future shorts!
  • Aculag
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    edited January 2013
    This is one messed up family. Good stuff. I really like the shot of the girl's hand peeling off the stove. Nice touch.
  • Thelurkerish
    Thelurkerish Website User Posts: 141
    Episode 3 is the best one yet, really funny and great effects, I think Simons comments are spot on.
    I look forward to seeing the next one
  • rgbii
    rgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    Nice job :) I like the 3rd best, but enjoyed all of them.
  • fredclips
    fredclips Website User Posts: 228
    Thanks for watching and commenting everyone.
    I also wanted to say thanks for the write up in the blog Simon, it was a cool surprise to see us there!
  • fredclips
    fredclips Website User Posts: 228
    First post in a while... my 20 month old daughter seems to be taking most of my time lately. (and that of her big sisters)
    However we did make a very quick little video while up on the Gold Coast.
    No effects or blood'n'guts, just a small multiple choice YouTube clip that allows you to choose your favourite from Dana and Courtney. ;)
    All editing, titles and grading are done in HitFilm.
    If you are on a mobile device and cannot chose in the video, you can use the following links instead.
    To Choose Dana (Left) :
    To Choose Courtney (Right) :
  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,069 Staff
    Have been waiting to see when you'd put up something new fredclips :) Although it's not your usual thing, I can see a lot of potential here!
    Do you think in the future you would be inclined to do something similar (e.g. encouraging the viewers to make choices), but more consistent with what you did before? I suppose this could take the form of (for example, referring back to your Stabscotch episode of the Girl Fight: Dares series), choose whether she uses the knife to play stabscotch, or picks up another (seemingly harmless) utensil which sends you to a video containing an unexpected twist - such as a spoon injury or something?
    Little bit rambly - but I like the idea of taking your older videos and using this new technique to open up the gory choices to your audience. 
    PS. Congratulations on your expanding family! Hopefully one day we'll see the youngest involved as well :)
  • ESPictures
    ESPictures Website User Posts: 533 Just Starting Out
    I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid.  But I haven't seen too many of those done on YouTube.  You should definitely do a longer, more involved one!
  • StormyKnight
    StormyKnight Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,728 Ambassador
    I must say I would much rather be behind the camera than in front. I know I am a terrible over-actor! (or is the correct term an excellent over-actor?)

    I've heard rumor that the FXhome team is working on a new type of grade layer to reduce over acting!  :)
    Love all your vids! My favorite though is "Struck".

  • fredclips
    fredclips Website User Posts: 228
    I've often wondered why there are not any(?) quality Choose your own adventure type stuff on YouTube. Maybe I just haven't found them? I always loved those books as a kid as well ES Pictures. (Also really liked the Fighting Fantasy stuff as I got a little older)
    KirstieT  I do hope to have my youngest appear in a video soon. I did have plans when she was very young but everybody said my idea was the most terrible thing they had ever heard suggested. I thought it was funny. I wanted to record the baby on green screen and then have me drop kicking her into a cot or something... or maybe bounce her like a basketball..
    StormyKnight That would be an impressive grading tool. Maybe Hitfilm 3  ;) 
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