Robot Rhino Music Video

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Hey, Hitfilmers, just got finished animating and editing this silly music video we did. Hitfilm Ultimate was used throughout the editing process. It held up quite nicely, as I was using it for about 10+ hours a day, for the past 5 days. Only had one crash on a comp shot where I was extending a comp shot and clicked to move some keyframes. But, other than that, it performed flawlessly. URL is
It's also on the Movie Wall. Some things that would have made it easier would be the ability to loop an image sequence. Otherwise, I liked the ability to re-time fps per image sequence. Enough for now, please enjoy if you like zany things.


  • guitar74
    guitar74 Website User Posts: 506
    who wrote the song?
  • ernesttx
    ernesttx Website User Posts: 32
    edited December 2012
    we (my roommates and I) wrote the song one night after being woken up at 2 or 3 am by a loud sound outside the house. that's when we are at our creative best hehe
  • Thelurkerish
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    I think the video is great, did you run frames of animation through the particle engine on the monkey swarm.
    the song is really good too, the whole thing deserves a lot more views very random and fun
  • ernesttx
    ernesttx Website User Posts: 32
    thanks Thelurkerish. To your question, yes, I took a 12 image sequence and ran it through the particle simulator and set it to the layer and used Animated setting. It worked to satisfy the shot. Then, I put a deflector in and moved it to the front of the rhino image sequence. I also added a force, animated it the same way as the deflector and set to tubulence.
    However, I didn't explore the options to really make the monkeys fly like I wanted them to. I was hoping that when the monkeys hit the deflector, that I could set a setting that would make them bounce off and spin around. There might be, but I wasn't finding it. I think I used the texture angle keyframed to when the monkeys hit the rhino to get them to spin around.
    All in all, it was just a fun project to do. I challenged myself to draw all the animation sequences. So, in a way it was a first for me. I have it up on vimeo, my youtube channel ( and our studio youtube channel (; so, hopefully, it will get more views. We are going to do another short film this weekend that I will be using Hitfilm on.
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