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Rather than spam up the board with things I thought id put any videos I made in this thread.
Hitfilm is just a hobby for me, I have a job, family and things and this is just something differnt to do, I used to play computer games at the end of the day you dont have anything to show for that.
So its not very good but im slowly learning, and also forgetting stuff if Im not doing it regulary.
heres the latest version of my current project, A trailer for a movie that dosnt exist about the Timewar an event that took place in Doctor Who when it was off the air.
Made with some free 3d models, a few photos of actors I found on the Internet, and some of my photography of chedder gorge, Glastonbury Abbey and my Sons toys and put togethor using hitfilm2.


  • duffman
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    Nice job. Really like the sceene where all the Daleks appear from behind the main one.
    I know exactly what you mean, family, day job, ect. All those things that get in the way of having a time to explore being creative.
  • guitar74
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    Was there ever a doctor who episode or movie that was about the time war, or is that even just mentioned?
  • Thelurkerish
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    Infomation about the timewar was slowly released during the first 4 series, I Think it would be a fairly epic film, I would to prefer to keep Doctor as TV show telling smaller stories so this would be a one off

    Duffman thanks for the comment Im really pleased how that shot turned out keeping the one animated Dalek to the front and firing the rest out the particle engine worked really well, I dont think I used Hitfilm2 capabilities to the full though, I really need to master the particle engine

    here is what might be the final version including a new shot where the Daleks blast the dome using the shatter effect
  • Thelurkerish
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    attempt to do a planet in the final throws of destruction, the planet is a heavily modified plane, thought it was going ok for a while but its all got a bit fuzzy, rather than tinkering with it I might start again
  • NullUnit
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    Nice! I'd like to see that shot go on longer. Is that the Tardis flying out of the explosion?
  • Thelurkerish
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    edited December 2012
    Thanks I imagined this scene to be at the end of the Timewar where a badly injured Doctor is trying to escape the gravity and probably other forces of an explosion that will have repercussions around the universe.
    It is the Tardis, the whole thing got a bit fuzzy especially at lower quality uploads on youtube, it looks about OK on the youtubeplayer on my ipad but horrible if go through the browser and look at it.
    I think ill remake it using what i learned last time

    heres the new version:

    the planet was made with Null units technique
    theres still some problems with it but its better than the first version
  • guitar74
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    I thought of the time war as being a white light with a blue ring shooting all over the place. I dont understand one thing about doctor who. Was there a planet of these super human doctors or did you have to be picked and under a procedure to become a doctor from the series? I only watch the doctor who season 1 and then with david tennant, when tennant left I did not watch anymore and I never seen the older DW.
  • Thelurkerish
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    All the different Doctors are the same man, Hes from an Alien race who have the power to regenerate which will change there physical appearance and certain personality traits if they are injured or just get too old.
    The Race is called the Timelords who come from a planet called Gallifrey. They developed time travel first and now oversee the Universe, they were all wiped out in the time war except the Doctor
    Ofcourse give the convarluted 50 year History of Doctor Who almost any information is up for debate or change at the whim of the current writers.

    Yesterday and Today in my brief bit of hitfilm time I decided to do a kind of generic Doctor Who sequence as an exercise. It all got a bit messy as a first attempt but I did find one part of it I quite liked
    I was trying to make an effect similar to the old analog feedback effect you used to get my pointing a camera at its own monitor and in the end I found atomic particles that were quite large and then put through the solerize effect made quite an interesting almost organic pattern, I also reflected them and applied a bit of buldge to the lair. (it has to be watched at 720p or 1080p to see the effect)
  • Thelurkerish
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    edited January 2013

    This is my version of the Twelfth Doctor Titles
    because its the 50th Aniversary I wanted to make titles that had elements of previous ones plus I decided to add the actor who would be my choice for the Telfth Doctor. Its not totally finished it needs a bit more grading and the Tardis sequence needs to be redone but I'm happy with it as a broad sketch of what the final sequence would look like.
    what it really needs is a original audio recording of the theme that's well beyond my abilities
    and why is there an f in Twelfth
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