How do you use Vegas 12 and Hitfilm Ultimate 2?

Hello Guys,
i got vegas 12 today and started to work with it and Hitfilm Ultimate 2.
And it worked of course.
But, i wanted to know how you use it. For example, i´m editing a short trailer with a view clips,
it´s no problem to bring one of the clips to hitfilm. Now i make some color correction etc., i
want to make the same correction or wahtever to the other clips. Take a second clip, add to hitfilm,
and than is opening a second hitfilm window. And here i have to start color correcting from the
beginning again, i cannot copy the effect from the first hitfilm window to the second. Is there a way
to open two clips from vegas in only one Hitfilm Window? I´m trying this for 2 hours and i´m getting
Thanks for any help


  • rgbiirgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    I haven't tried it, but what about making the correction a preset?
  • LSmorethanvideoLSmorethanvideo Website User Posts: 2
    I have also thought about it, but it would be to time intensive if you have for example 20 tracks, and
    every time you make a change on one track you have to reopen hitfilm, make the adjustment, save
    a preset, open the next track in a new hitfilm window readjust that and so on...
    But i tried another way, which works for me, it´s not the best, but who cares.
    If you want to work with vegas, open Hitfilm, take all your clips and drop them on the Hitfilm timeline,
    save the project as a hitfilm file.
    Open Vegas, and open the Hitfilm file directly in Vegas, so you can cut the clip in Vegas and have all tracks in
    Hitfilm to color correct, vfx etc...
    If somebody has another solution, post it.
  • rgbiirgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    For me, I don't do my color correction in HF, and only send clips when I want an effect, but for what you're wanting to do, that sounds like a decent option, and can't think of a better solution off hand.
  • duffmanduffman Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 235 Enthusiast
    Just did the upgrade to 12 Pro today. So far I am really liking the integration between the SVP12 & HF2 and being abel to use my control surface in SVP.
    Just getting started on a new project, will have more feedback and a better idea of how all this works in a week or so. Yes I am old and slow!
  • rgbiirgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    Duff, what control surface do you use and how do you like it? I use a USB shuttle, which I like - just curious what else could be done easier :)
  • duffmanduffman Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 235 Enthusiast
    Using a Mackie Control Universal Pro. Works great with Reaper, Adobe Audition, and now Vegas Pro.
    In Vegas, it seems you switch between the functions; video & audio. Did a quick project last night where I used the surface for opacity fades on tracks/clips. Dropped some markers for audio alignment on the timeline added my audio and went right to mixing.
    I have yet to find out what indiviual effects parameters I can control. I do know I can drop markers, create regions, loop regions, zoom, add tracks, and save. And as you know already, having scrub on the jog wheel is most handy. I have had this thing long enough that I find myself, even when using HitFilm, reaching for its' transport controls.
  • rgbiirgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    Thanks Duff. Sounds like an interesting addition. I really like having the jog wheel, but not sure I could justify the cost of the Mackie. I might pick up a cheapo control surface to play with and see how I like it.
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