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There's something here that I'm not understanding. I've got a live-action background plate that's got a billboard by the side of a road. The billboard doesn't fill the screen, and it's at a slight angle to the camera axis (so the billboard isn't a rectangle on the screen). I want to comp an image over the billboard, then have that image shatter, with the pieces falling off the bottom of the frame, revealing the "real" image on the billboard.
I've tried importing the new image (the one that's going to shatter) as a layer, turn it into 3D, then scale/position/rotate appropriately to match the billboard. I then apply the shatter effect, and it works, except the pieces stop falling when they hit the bottom edge of the billboard, where they disappear. Now, that kind-of makes sense, since the layer has been shrunk when I scaled the image to match the billboard. But that'snot what I want. I need them to keep falling to the bottom of the frame.
What am I missing? What's the fix??
Thanks for any advice you've got.



  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,247 Staff
    You need to transform the Shatter effect from a 3D point, rather than trying to make the layer into a 3D plane. A tutorial on the Shatter effect is scheduled to come out next week, I think, but the same technique is used for 3D extrusion and for Atomic Particles, and is discussed in their tutorials.
    Create a point and convert it to 3D. Then in the Shatter \ Position controls, Transform From: the point layer you just created.
  • SteveStepoway
    SteveStepoway Website User Posts: 5
    Some tutorial made passing mention of transforming from a 3D point, but I didn't quite follow what he was doing. Thanks for the suggestions -- I'll take a look at this again in the next day or two. And I'll look at those tutorials Axel -- I'm sure it will make sense.
  • SteveStepoway
    SteveStepoway Website User Posts: 5
    I looked at the 3D extrusion tutorial, and everything was clear. It works perfectly, or it will, once I tweek the custom shattermap I'm using. Thanks Axel and Win. HF2U is awesome.
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