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Hello guys,
As filmmakers, we all are striving to achieve the film look. But unlike film, DSLR image is too sterile and flat looking, it misses texture. Adding film grain is the way to give your digital footage a true film look. Film grain can be a huge improvement over your digital image, delivering realistic results and making people think you’re shooting film.
Film grain overlay is also used in compositing, in order to integrate 3d objects and other elements in a scene, to prevent color banding by dithering colors, to match digital and film footage and to “maintain“ sharpness when upressing.

The technique is simple. Import the grain plate in your vfx/coloring software (e.g. hitfilm), place it above your footage in the timeline, change composite mode to overlay and adjust the opacity to your liking. Notice that film grain is a lot different than video noise. Video noise is an undesirable product of digital image capturing. It is better to de-noise your video, before applying film grain.
Download a free 35mm Grain Plate here:
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