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Hi all.. I'm starting to play around with the importing of 3D models.. Very cool stuff so far! But i do have a question with regard to textures.. I've viewed the Hitfilm 2 tutorial where it states that as long as the texture files are in the same folder as the 3d object, then they should import automatically, in their correct position..
Does this rely on whoever originally created the model to have first linked those textures..? The reason i ask is i've found a few 3d models on the 'net, and even though the texture files are in the same folder as the 3d object, when i view the model in Hitfilm 2, the textures are not there.. I can go in and link them -- but i don't know if i'm linking them correctly, based on the what the model creator wanted.. (and how it looks on the webpage where i grabbed it from..)
Just wondering if this is true for all 3d models, or if some are better than others -- meaning if the textures don't come across automatically.. then instead of trying to link the textures myself and come up with something that looks strange, prehaps i should just spend the time for other 3d models that were properly linked to begin with..
Any thoughts or advice that the community has would be appreciated..! thanks!


  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,238 Staff
    Any time you are working with 3D models created by someone else, then its going to be a bit of a crapshoot as to whether everything is set up correctly. If you are working with models you have licensed, then things are likely to be much better, but with free models in particular, there's no guarantees that everything will be set up correctly already. that being said, most of the free models I've messed with, it wasn't too difficult to tell from the names which texture was meant to go where, if they needed relinking.
    Basically, anybody who wants to could create a 3D model and host it online somewhere, but some sites are going to review models more thoroughly than others before hosting them. And many of the sites that offer models also have a ratings system, so you can get some feedback from other users about how well the model worked for them.
  • mikebmikeb Website User Posts: 31
    Oh ok, thank you very much for the reply Axel.. I think this answers my question -- work with the higher rated models, or licensed one first.. Or, just try spending some time relinking.. At least i can better decide where to spend my time/ energies.. have a good day!
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