DSLR Audio. Beachtek solution

MichaelJamesMichaelJames Website User Posts: 2,038 Enthusiast
So having moved to DSLRs I became stuck with one common issue that most DSLR users deal with, terrible audio. THe audio from the camera is good as a reference but not for actual use(most of the time). So I was looking to solve this issue. I had experience using a H4N which is nice but I disliked having to sync... especially if after multiple takes the audio was allowed to keep rolling and just more work. Turns out there are 2 solutions if you don't want to use a dual system.
1)Still using a H4N, but you can hook it into the DSLR so that you can use it to process the audio.
2)Using a beachtek or a juicedlink solution. Beachtek has a bunch of different model products, and I wanted something which would allow for monitoring and easy adjustment. I went beachtek over juicedlink... and found the DXA-SLR Pro. I'll do some test videos so you could see if its worthwhile for yourown set ups.


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