Embedding javascript Videos into a forum

Hi Chaps,
This is unrelated to film and I'm in need of some help - and the fact Fxhome created a great forum I'm hoping somebody can help!
I've been building a forum for work using PHPBB3. A lot of it has been designed using the standard template with some custom css additions - I'm using forumotion. Hey, it's my first time!
The gist is that the forum only allows certain approved delegates to view it, it's a support service we offer. I'm trying to embed some technical videos we shot, but because the contents of the video are specialised and 'secret' I wanted them to be kept private from within a thread. So I don't want to use YouTube as these videos can be shared and a direct link from our video stored on our sever could be downloaded from a link.
I'm new to PHPBB3 and I'm not much of a whizz at coding. So I need some advice, a) if this is even possible and b) how would I go about doing this?
We have our own server space to host the video files. Ideally it would be great to see a preview (embedded video)
At this point I just want to get the video up and secured so it can be shared or the link passed on to other people.
Any help mucho appreciated.
P.S How the hell are ya all? :D