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Hey guys, I am in current production of a short, or sorta short film right now and I've just been thinking ahead a little to a possibility of entering my film into a festival. Do you guys have any suggestions? I am definitely not a pro so I don't want to send it into like the sundance festival and get rejected but I want to send it in to maybe a student film festival or something with competition but that wouldn't blow me out of the water.
Also if you have any experience with festivals please share with me because my knowledge doesn't go much further then reading about them so any advice will help. Share maybe the different steps of entering the film in. Anything...
Thanks for the time guys


  • BryanAllanKrauss
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    @ Viktorious
    Here is where I would start. Do your research. Find a local Festival close to where you live. Lets say a travel distant of no more then a half hour. Find out what the festivals criteria and submission policies are, as far as costs and lengths. Short films and feature films will in most cases have different costs.
    As far as the production of your film, make the best work you have ever done. Most of the people running these festivals will be film snobs, and they will analyze everything. Keep in mind If it is a competitive festival with cash rewards, you will be going up against professionals.
    I myself have never submitted a film to a competitive festival. Only to community festivals based on participation and creativity. It does feel good to have a few hundred people applaud to your hard work.
    But I've done my research.
    Personally I've been a film maker for just over six years now and I went to film school. It is only in the last 2 years that any of my work has been done on a professional level. IE being hired for my knowledge and skill. It is only now that I feel confident enough to start producing any project that could compete against other professional level film makers.
    Here is another facet to look at. Video hosting services Like YouTube and Vimeo will give you international distribution at no cost. This is what I'm getting at, you spend all this effort to make a film only to have more costs added for your submission to a festival. Then it has to go through the selection process of the Film Snobs, and can still be rejected with no refund. Where as on a video hosting service you are in control of weather or not others will see your work, and this is from all over the world.
    This is to not discourage you, this is to help prepare you for what you may be up against.
    Google keyword search: Film Festivals, How to get a film distribution deal
    why I mention A Google keyword search for "how to get a film distribution deal." Is that the real Indy film
    producers use festivals to show there work to potential film buyers.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Also when your film is done, let me know, I would like to give it a view.
  • Viktorious
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    Ok thanks. I looked online like last year at this time and saw a few festivals that would give out cash prizes of $ 1,000 that I could have easily won. Not because I am amazing but that the other film were not so much amazing. It would be nice to get the 1k though to reimburse my personal cash put into the film.
    As far as entering into a competition here in northern Wisconsin that is about impossible. There have been some but they are not worth even going to. If I entered an online festival I do not have to be there do I? For example if there's a festival in Florida and I entered my short film in and by some chance I won would I have to go there to receive my award?
    As far as distribution goes... I don't think I am at that level where people would be interested in buying the dvds. This is something more to watch on youtube and Vimeo like you said.
    Yeah the film has been quite an ambitious project. I am still somewhat in production but half way done with post. I will have trailers and posters on here soon!
  • BryanAllanKrauss
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    Good Questions. That would be something you would need to look into on a festival by festival basis. If it where a feature, I would defiantly go. Because in some cases there will be Q&A after the presentation and the film buyers.
    Look into your states film commission as well as other states film commissions this should be a good resource of information in regards to the information you are seeking.
    Look into without a box link below. This can help you find festivals and submissions.
    Also look into YouTube or Vimeo film festivals. There are a few out there you just have to look.
    I hope this helps. As always, if there is any questions feel free to ask.
  • Viktorious
    Viktorious Website User Posts: 105
    Hey I have one more question. Can you submit a film into multiple festivals? I know probably a dumb question but I need answers! lol
  • BryanAllanKrauss
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    I would say, why not.
    I would also check the submission guidelines and policies for each festival you are considering for your film submissions.
    In some Festivals it has to be a film that has not been release to the public through any form of distribution. Posting a video to YouTube is considered, released for distribution.
    I hope this helps. As always, if there is any questions feel free to ask.
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