HitFilm Standard for Xmas

Ok. This Xmas I was pondering on getting the Standard version of HitFilm. Has anyone here used it - is it good and can I upgrade to Ultimate later on?
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  • guitar74
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    They are on HF 2 now
  • Aculag
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    They are on HF 2 now
    I'm sure he realizes that. The software is still called HitFilm, no matter which version it is.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    True, but technically Standard was only available for version 1. In HitFilm 2, the equivalent version is now called Express. HitFilm 2 Express, to be precise.
    TheSilentDirector95 - I can't really answer your first question in an unbiased fashion, as I work here, but HitFilm is indeed good, and I have used it extensively. My recommendation would be to download the free demo and try it yourself, and then you can more effectively make a determination of whether it is good for you. As far as upgrading from Express to Ultimate later on, yes, you will always have that option available.