Just picked up a Canon 6D

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And boy is it sweet.


  • dsnell0417
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    Ok, you're going to have to be a lot more specific than that.
  • MichaelJames
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    Lol fine fine. So I originally ordered a BMCC at the end of October. They've been on backorder since they were first released for a variety of reasons. I was dead set against a DSLR and really fell in love with the idea of BMCC. Well I've been taking classes on filmmaking and documentary making it was very annoying to either have to find someone with a camera(because I didn't have one) or use the schools t2is.
    My last project I wanted to do something where I was in charge so I checked out a t2i and made sure I learned it in depth. Filmed my project(still editing it) and started purchasing a couple lenses which I knew would work for the BMCC. IT was good timing because of the Black Friday and then Cyber Monday (which became a week called cyber Monday). Picked up a 50mm canon ef 1.8, a 40mm canon ef 2.8 and a 35mm rokinon 1.4. I only got the 35 mm a week after the 40 mm because I got it for a steal thanks to amazon deals.
    I was going to keep waiting but I had this thought... its going to take at least a month for the BMCC to really start shipping if they are caught up on all the issues. Id also get a nice tax refund which could buy the BMCC then. All the gear I bought would carry over to a DSLR(the follow focus, the rails and rig system) so I started looking at DSLRs. I didn't wanna blow a lot of money and get a Mark iii and I was not really happy with the T3i or t4i(I already have a 7 inch monitor for monitoring).
    Then I saw the 6D on bestbuys website and never heard of that one. Did some research and its a brand new camera which is pretty much a mix of the mark iii(the full frame sensor) and the 60D. The footage I've seen looked beautiful and I was sold. So I went down and picked it up. Charged up the battery and started doing some quick test shots using AWB but adjusting the aperture and ISO. Set up the wifi and android app and now I am going to go through the book to make sure I know all the features. Tomorrow I am going to test the follow focus at the park.
  • MichaelJames
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  • guitar74
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    You filming a movie or just playing around?
  • ESPictures
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    Awesome. I'd like to see what you shoot with it.
  • MichaelJames
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    At Guitar... when you love technology... its always a little of both. been learning the camera right today and still need to edit a short film and a documentary. I'd love to make a short film over the holidays. I was thinking of adapting an Aesop fable to a short film.
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