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Is there any way to go through every step and setting during the tutorials for those of us who are still learning the software.
I hate to admit this, but I get about 85% of what goes into a particular effect, but then most of the tutorials leave out or just allude to a next step.
This is where I usually get lost. I get there is a time factor to these, but leaving out key settings etc. just throws me off.
I might be the only one who feels this way, but I just thought I would say something.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Thanks for your feedback, its always good to hear from users regarding the tutorials and how they are working out. We do have an entire series of Getting Started tutorials, that discuss all the basic tools and controls in logical order, and are designed for brand new users. Go here, and hit the Filter by: Getting Started toggle on the left hand side. The sort the results by Oldest at the top of the screen, and work through them in order, and everything will logically build on what has come before. The one exception to working through them in this order is the Project One tutorial, which was just completed, but should logically be the first one you look at.
    We do try to explain as much as we can, but in advanced tutorials it is logical that some basic steps will be skipped. EAch user will be at a different level though, so determining how much needs to be explained is basically impossible. For example, very rarely do we show how to launch Hitfilm in the tutorials, as that is a basic skill that it is assumed that most users will be familiar with. We also don't go through the entire process of creating a project and selecting our project settings every time. Even though some users that are brand new might not be familiar with this process, it can be assumed that most people will be. I'm guessing that both of these steps are familiar to you, and that you don't need them included every time, but this demonstrates my point, I think. There is an invisible line dividing known skills in the program from the unfamiliar, but the position of that line is different for every user. And that makes it tricky to determine what needs including and what doesn't.
    That being said, feel free to get back to me with any specific references to a tutorial and timecode where I lose you, as if I know the particular spots that are problematic, it may be useful for future tutorials to try and avoid losing people as much as possible.
  • SimonKJones
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    I definitely sympathise but, as Axel ruminated, detailing every single setting would lead to extremely long tutorials (and therefore fewer), and make the tutorials difficult to watch for people that already grasp those concepts. Rather than repeatedly explain every time how to do the essentials (eg, creating a new composite shot, or creating a plane), we try to cover these in the Getting Started tutorials, so that the other tutes can focus on particular techniques.
    I think there's also potentially a risk in being too prescriptive with tutorials. By specifying exact settings, it gives the impression that you have to do it that way, when all of our tutorials are really more like guides, which you can then adjust to your own purposes.
    What I'd recommend is asking us directly if you get lost at any point during a tutorial. Ask either here on the forums, or on the relevant blog post or in YouTube comments etc. Wherever you ask, we'll jump in and help fill in the gaps.
  • emmo5611
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    Thanks to you both for responding. I completely understand, and will just ask when there is something specific I am missing. I think my real struggle is I am teaching kids how to use Hitfilm in classes, so I am really trying to make sure I know every little step when trying to recreate an effect.
    Thanks for your replies. As usual, the Hitfilm staff kicks butt when it comes to customer service!