Good Replacement for Light Gels

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I've heard that wax papers is a good replacement. Anything else?
And also how do you color wax paper? I tried using blue markers for a nightish tint but it didn't work.
Thanks guys


  • jmajma Website User Posts: 84
    Depends on what type of lights you are using. How hot? If you are using flueros or other low heat lights, then some art supply shops will do extra thick coloured sheets (pretty much small gels). Otherwise talk to your local theatre or film school. I get the 'burnt out' gels from the local university. Some of them are unusable, but you'd be surprised at how much good stuff is thrown away.
    I use Redhead lights mostly, and they will set things on fire. I also work in a high school, so I can't let the kids use materials that might be too dangerous. Flammability is something you need to watch out for.
  • ViktoriousViktorious Website User Posts: 105
    I am using mainly work lights and two victor smith spot lights. I am trying to film a scene in the dark so I need the light to be blue and then another light to be an orange camp fire look. I can get that pretty good just not the blue tint to the light.
    I know I can do it in post but it won't look as good.
    Yeah I tried using white shirts... and it worked actually. It diffused the light really well. The only thing is that it started fires in the middle of some of the shots. It added a little more excitement to the set. haha
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    Try dryer sheets with your work lights. White makes a nice diffuser. If I remember correctly Downey makes a blue and a pink.... Not that I do laundry....thats what a wife is for.......
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    Why not just use Gels? They aren't that expensive. If you are gonna go buy something anyways, why not just get the real deal?
  • ViktoriousViktorious Website User Posts: 105
    Ahh yeah that definitely would have been the easiest... My night shoot is tomorrow night and if ordered the gels they wouldn't come in time. Should have planned ahead better. Oh well. You live you learn.
    I am going to go to an office store and get some colored plastic for ring binders. I tried it and it worked so I just need to get more.
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,243 Staff
    Ah, its a time constraint issue. That makes sense. Maybe you should order some real ones as well, so you have them for next time. ;)
    Clear celluloid and a blue sharpie (and 15 minutes of scribbling) might get you there, if you can't find the plastic already colored.
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    We used coloured celophane cut into strips on the edge of a rake with a smoke machine hose and waved it around in front of a light for fire one time. Was nicknamed 'spirit fingers'. Surprisingly effective.
    Of course, leaning out of a third story window with 'spirit fingers' and a readhead may not have been the safest choice...
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