About to be a Amazon deal on a GTX 580 1.5 gb superclocked

MichaelJames Posts: 2,034 Enthusiast
It will happen at 11:40pst on the U.S. amazon site.
Here is the normal product link.

Any time I see these I automatically follow up and reserve one at the appointed time and then check out the actual price discount and see if I can find better.


  • Aculag
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    So do you work for Amazon, or what? Why not just make one thread for "AMAZON DEALS" and not one for every time you see something on sale?
  • MichaelJames
    MichaelJames Posts: 2,034 Enthusiast
    No I do not work for amazon. Im sorry I thought people who could use this stuff should want to know about the times its on sale. I built a computer to better use hitfilm and stuff.
    Aculag are you a thread monitor?
    Are you really interested in checking 1 thread for a deal that may or may not interest you? Or would you rather go to 1 thread that has something you are 100% interested in. I posted 2 threads on these amazon deals. Not EVERYONE of them.

    I talked to someone on here who said his budget for a graphic card was in the $300s and that a $500 dollar graphic card was too much. Turned out that graphic card went for $399. You may not see a value in it, but the value may be there for others.
    I bought:
    35 mm Rokinon lens
    4 tb external harddrive
    480 gb ssd
    and some Blu Ray Disks.