How important is AMD vs Nvidia (CUDA)?

I'm thinking of buying a new graphics card today (Cyber Monday sales).
I'm considering cards based on the AMD Radeon 7870 GPU and the Nvidia GTX 660 Ti GPU. The 7870 seems to be a better value. They have similar gaming performance (which is important to me), but the cheapest GTX 660 Ti that I could find is $260 shipped. The cheapest Radeon 7870 I can find is $220 shipped. Both come with a free game that I don't particularly care about (Far Cry 3 for AMD, Assassin's Creed 3 for Nvidia).
Does any one know if there's a major difference when it comes to video editing? I know Nvidia's CUDA tech is incredibly helpful with Adobe products, but in other computational benchmarks, the AMD line crushes the Nvidia line.
"Overall, OpenCL-based tests are far less friendly to Nvidia" ~Tomshardware:,3279-12.html
I know Sony Vegas uses OpenCL, so now I wonder how Hitfilm 2 Ultimate will be affected by the differences between AMD and Nvidia products. Then again, I don't know much about these benchmarks and I only skimmed the articles so I don't know how relevant they are to real-world performance. I appreciate any helpful insight. :)


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