Audio Envelopes

Was wondering how I utilize the new audio envelopes in HF2?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    They are used to edit the volume of the audio, either for the entire clip, or at certain points over time. There is a white line running through the length of each clip in the Editor. To turn an entire clip up or down, just drag the white line up or down. By default, I believe the clips are at max volume, so initially you will only be able to turn them down. To edit the volume over time, CTRL-click anywhere on the line to add a keyframe, then you can drag that point up and down to adjust the volume, or left and right to adjust its position in time. As a first experiment, try adding two keyframes near the end of an audio clip, then drag the second one all the way down, to create a fade out. The angle of the white line gives you a visual reference for what the audio level is the line drops, the audio level drops as well.
  • Thanks Axel, I shall dive into it now.
  • Prizm
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    Hi, are there plans to add a decibel reference (or some kind of numbering) to audio keyframes? When lowering the volume for voiceovers, I generally do an envelope like this: \___/
    It's difficult to line up the bottom two points when you can't tell what volume level each point is.
  • Prizm
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    Hi, thanks for the video. I didn't notice that volume tab. Pretty awkward, but as you say, at least it's something. Hopefully they can add something in the next version.