HitFilm 2 Ultimate hardware help

I have an hp dv7 6b57nr laptop. It has an amd 1.4ghtz a6 vision quad core cpu, and an built in radeon hd 512mb graphics. I have 8gb of ram in it. I am having slow and jerky play back. I think I need to upgrade but aren't sure what would be a good setup. My budget is about $500. Any help would be great.


  • MichaelJames
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    with 500 dollars... the big thing is to either upgrade the cpu... or graphics card. In your case. BOTH should be upgraded. A gig on the graphics card, with it being a decent one... and a cpu... should be what 2.4 quad core.... but they have the minimum and recommended specs page
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    Thanks for replying. Since its a laptop I cannot upgrade it, I'm thinking of buying a new desktop. Is a $500 budget for a new desktop realistic?