export problemo

Exporting my video works very well from hf2, except it never finishes. So, actually it doesn't work at all. My gpu drivers are up to date. But, after about the 5 minutes it taks to export most of the video, it stalls and the time remaining counter goes up. I'm not sure why this happens obviouslly, but it really never finishes... Please help
Mike Miller


  • HendoHendo Staff Website User Posts: 160 Enthusiast
    Which format (AVI, MP4, image sequence) are you exporting to?
    Here are a couple of things to try:
    1. Try using one of the other formats to see if that works.
    2. Change the work area region on the timeline (use the In/Out buttons to set that), and then export a smaller portion of your timeline, to see if that works. On the Export screen, make sure the 'Export Area' is set to Work area.
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