Fustration with Mocha continues

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I am still having problems with Mocha. I went to their web site and there is no section for Hitfilm Mocha and even under the Mocha section, there has been no activity in November.
Here's my issue: I have some quite poor footage taken with a Flip Mino recorder. In After Effects CS6 and Elements3D, I added a model and this was perfectly stable - rock solid. I have purposely used this footage to try and achiev the same with Mocha. I have tried nearly every combination of settings and I cannot stop the model twitching - albeit slightly.
The area that I suspect that could be the issue is the transfer of the solved data back to Hitfilm. I have not seen a tutorial where this part is actually covered. I am new to this and I want to get get good at it.
Please help me.


  • TomMc
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    This video is the best place to start:

    But Imagineer's vimeo channel has over 600 videos - if you watch any of their introductions to planar tracking tutorials it will help. The interface and the principles are the same.
  • SimonKJones
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    luxgud - can you upload the footage so we can take a look at it? It could be that it's unsuitable for mocha's camera solving, or it could be a matter of tweaking the track and settings. It's difficult to advise without having the footage to play with.
  • luxgud
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    Apologies to Imagineer - Mocha. The tracker is really very good indeed. Offical.
    Mocha detected my video at 30 FPS but when I set it to 29.97 in Hitfilm, it was rock steady - as good as Syntheyes and Elements3D but much quicker. All the gitter was gone. I am impressed as the footage is poor quality and I only did a single horizontal planar track !
  • rgbii
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    Good to hear. So your footage was 30 FPS in Mocha, but 29.97 in HF?
    Next time I play with that, I'll check that as I sometimes had jitter too.
    Thanks for posting your findings,
  • PhilWesson
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    Simon, you mentioned in your post that footage can be suitable for Mocha. What is some of the criteria that we should look at in order to make sure that our footage is best suited for planer tracking?
  • AxelWilkinson
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    It needs to have planes in it, obviously, if the camera is free-moving. Tracking planes in footage that has no planes could be tricky indeed. Airplanes, ideally, but carpenter's planes could work too. Seriously, though, if you have footage shot in first-person as someone is running through the woods, mocha is probably not going to be the best option for tracking it, but anything with some relatively flat surfaces, whether its a wall, the ground, the side of a car, or whatever, should work fine. You want to try set up your tracking area within a flat plane on some object in the scene though.
    If the camera is on a tripod, and just pan/tilt/zooming, then the entire scene is really one plane, as there is no parallax, so pretty much any tripod shot is suitable for mocha tracking.