007: Silverface (James Bond Parody)

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I loved Skyfall. It inspired me to make this silly short about how stupid the goons are in all of the bond films.
Not much to say. VFX and grading done in Hitfilm Ultimate. I tried using Adobe Speedgrade but it was nothing short of a disaster. Ill stick with Hitfilm for now. 8-|:)
Here she is!

As always, questions/comments/criticisms are welcome! :P


  • HMF
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    Hmmm ... mixed feelings. :)
    Technically, some of the shots are just too dark, like "silverface´s" first appearance and quite some of the following shots. And the changes in the audio quality - did you use different microphones to record the different actors ? - are a bit disturbing, "silverface" is really hard to hear/understand. Some of the sound effects, on the other hand, seemed quite convincing t o my ears.
    Concerning the "plot" and the actors - well, I quite liked the Bond character as such. The others were stupid goons, as announced, but a bit toooooooo stupid for my taste. Maybe that impression has to do with your repeating the same joke too often... :D.
    What camera did you use?
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