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Motion capture animation tests. Edited and graded in HFU. Used a bit of difuse and Vibrance. i got HF2U yesterday so ill do the rest of the postwork on the demo scene with that, adding dust around the foots moving around and exploring the posibilities in HF2U ;)
The intire scene is a few min long, the 15 sec film above took about 12 hours of render in the animator Daz 3D 64 bit.
Here is a dump from another scene i have been testing out on HFU.


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    Nice! What technique did you use for the mocap?
    I'd recommend increasing the Radius property on the Vibrance effect. At low radius settings you can see slight haloing around objects - this is noticeable around the guy's trousers. I tend to whack radius to max, then adjust the other settings to get the particular look I want.
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    Thanx for change in the embed i never seem to get it to work.
    The mocap is basic captures of movement in various doings, figthing etc bougth on the net. Kinda basic stuff like run walk crawl etc converted into ani blocks. These basic ani blocks are then converted into key frames on the figures and redone key by key all over to fit the needs in the current scene, based on the original moves. Anyway changes will allways have to be done moving mocap into the 3D figures. Its just a "bit" more work. I hope i can get my own mocap system next year.
    The radius tip. Thanx :)
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