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Okay, so I take my camcorder out on a family outing and just start shooting some video trying to make it as high quality as possible (no over-exposing, correct picture style, white balance, etc.). Then my brother takes some pictures with the same camcorder (he does not even take them in a raw format). When I watch them on my computer, the photos look like they could have been a frame grab from a feature film while a frame from my video dose not even come close to comparing. I would have accredited this to the photos being taken in raw, but it was not (my brother selected JPEG). Obviously, this means that my camera is not simply taking 24 pictures per second in video mode. What is happening? Does this mean that my camcorder is capable of producing better video than it is? Why can’t it just take 24 pictures per second with an audio track? Any knowledge on this subject would be helpful.
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    It's very likely due to the fact that video taken with consumer and prosumer level cameras (including DSLRs) are compressed on the go (different manufacturers use different codecs... You can find more information in your camera's manual). This will definitely show. Also, video does not have the same resolution (much lower). A 20 MP camera goes down to ~2 MP when shooting video (if you're shooting full HD res. ). It would be nigh impossible for any camera to shoot 24fps at 20MP... At least, at a price point most mortals would be able to afford...
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    As I understand it, DSLRs will use the sensor in a different way when recording video than when capturing a single image. So the short answer is that although it's the same device, it's doing very different things when recording video compared to capturing stills.
    There simply isn't the storage or bandwidth available currently for consumer DSLRs to capture full res, RAW frames. One day, perhaps. :)
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    That day might be closer than you think... :)
    4:4:4 12-bit raw video at super 16mm res and 24 fps for $3k... I can't wait for this to come out!! Blackmagicdesign, watch out!!
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