Analog video capture hardware/software- any advice?

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My wife and I recently came into possession of a large amount of her family's VHS collection and have been wanting to digitize some of her library. Some are home videos, but some there are also rare or obscure productions like the fox dub of My Neighbor Totoro which she grew up with.
Upon talking about this a little more, we also thought it might be a cool thing to do for my family- take some of their obscure home videos secretly and gift them back on Christmas along with a fresh new digital version they can keep forever that won't degrade any further.
This should be simple enough, but looking into the USB video capture reviews on amazon and the like, i'm struk with the extremely different reviews I see. Usually I'm pretty good at reading into them but I'm having a bit of trouble and thought I might drop a line with my friends at the HF forum to see if anyone has any recent experience (or experience at all).
Have any of you done this kind of thing in the past?


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