S.O.S. am Piz Palü

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Dear all,
while playing around with HU2 I took the chance to test some old footage I did already one year ago.
I put it all together and tested HF2 capabilities which gave me a nice surprise as well as having the long missed 3D model import. The background was rendered using VUE.
(We shot the footage in beginning of September 2011 after a nice BBQ - it was soooo hot wearing those **** winter clothes :)) )


  • HMFHMF Website User Posts: 40
    a few thoughts:
    As to the "plot" of this film, there´s not much to say, it is of course a bit on the small side for the length of the film, and the guys obviously don´t feel like being in a "S.O.S" situation...
    Technically there are quite some achievements in this IMO. I think that the implementation of the VUE background has been done quite well, fairly convincing at some points of the film, especially when combined with clouds/fog here and there. Also the voice was quite well done, and I also like the "Radio Picture"-intro!
    Altogether I like it, and with a better "plot" this could have been really cool!
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