I have looked at a number of blood spray effects and they never seem quite right to me. Being an avid hunter, I've seen what happens when a biological mass gets shot, both with a high powered rifle or a large caliber handgun. Blood doesn't so much spray as it splatters. In some circumstances you can get a mist like I see with most FX blood effect but that usually happens with very high velocity rounds designed to have very rapid expansion or fragment on contact. You tend to get droplets more than mist.
So.... is anyone aware of some blood splatter effects rather than the more common blood spray effects? I've got Video CoPilot Acction Essentials and most of it is the mist look to me.
Thanks, for any feedback.


  • HF has a blood splatter effect built in. Search "Blood" in the search box and you'll find it. Other than that, Rodypolis has an action pack available that has blood splatter effects. You could also use Video CoPilot's Riot Gear pack to animate a blood splatter with the ink splats.