please add "Markers"

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Hi everybody
i finally got on the train and purchased Hitfilm Ultimate :)
i really need one simple feature which is the possibility to add "Markers" to the timeline. its a feature i am used to from Vegas and its quite a simple tool. its workflow is similare to Hitfilm slice tool, except instead of slicing the footage, it adds a simple "Marker" as a "snap to point".You can add as many markers you want to the time line (important that you can add marker with a hot key when playing back the timeline ! in Vegas its the "M" key). the marker display the number of the marker and the time on the timeline (you can rename markers to keep track and add comments).
this way its very easy to snap you footage to any marker you have in the time line.
the use i make of this is normally to match my footage to the music .... i just playback the timeline with sound/music enabled and hit the "Marker" hot key to the rhythm of the music or on a particular point of the music. after that its very easy to snap your footage to the markers and this way footage and music match very nice.
i hope this is somthing i can see soon in Hitfilm :)
Greetings Patrick


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Hey Patrick, thanks for the feedback, and do please let us now how you get on with HitFilm otherwise.
    Several other users have also requested this feature, including myself, I agree that it is a very useful feature to have available. I've passed the idea along to the developers, and it is something the plan to add to a future update of the software.
    If you have any other ideas or comments, let us know.
  • patrick
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    Hi Axel
    great to here that it will get implemented :)
    of cause i have a lot of ideas/features i would like to see implemented in the future ... especially those that are related with 3D composition (render passes from 3D animation). the possibility to import normal maps for "relighting" a object or several objects, and with the same map you can even "fake" reflections (when you need your 3D object to fit to an added background). Objects and Material ID passes .... would be great to be able to creat a mask using a color picker ..... etc.
    but i guess for this features i make an appropriate post ;)
    (anyway .... i guess that right now the Hitfilm developers have high priority to get the program optimised so its not necessary to flood them with new "challenging" features until the optimisation has finished or reached a good performance)
    about giving feedback on the program ... right now i will have to wait at least 10 days until my new workstation arrives .... so right now i am only looking at the features and workflow and even did not install my Ultimate version with the registering key. The graphic card i have dont match the recommendations so my feedback would not be very useful :))
    but once my new workstation arrives, i will definitely try to give as much feedback i can.
    Greetings Patrick
  • UnnamedDisaster
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    It's August 2016 and we still don't have markers? Is this so hard to implement?

  • Path144
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    I am with Patrick and UnnamedDisaster there are plenty of programs out there with markers. This one I downloaded for free and I am still on the fence about purchasing.  I grew up editing on FinalCut pro and the marker was easily the most utilized function on that program. The last time this was addressed was 2011 so I am curious to what response you will offer the next time around "in the works" or "talking with developers" is the five years ago answer.  Either it isn't a priority or you cant see the value in it.  I am here to assure you that if this had markers I would have purchased pro already.

  • [Deleted User]
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    I get by without, but I definitely see why someone would want this. The current workaround is this: 

  • TimStannard
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    @CNK That workaround is more akin to what Id call "regions". Not really suitable for placing marks on (for example) every beat in a music track.

  • RegulusJJR
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    Hello, I'm surprised more people (out of the some 400 000 downloads) are not concerned with this. There are great improvements to be made in terms of shortcuts and customization of the program. Workflow and it's speed are essential. Adding markers and quickly going to a marker (e.g. ctrl+1, 2 ...) are important in projects more than a few clips long.

    Several other improvements came to mind:

    • More accurate zoom-in (with scroll wheel, the bot-left corner is fine)
    • A way to handle multiple pictures (or items in general) in a timeline, when the length is changed, the pictures don't move and one has to manually adjust the position of every picture again
    • Option for the playback not to stop for every single action taken, even scrolling the timeline
    • Add a split key? Like s, but instant split. It's convenient to split a selected item based on the position of the playback cursor.
    • The playback cursor could move with each mouse click, not just to the top of the editing section (essential for the previous suggestion)
    • Hotkey to zoom to project size (like "P" does for the I-O)

    All in all, it's great to have a free editing software this powerful in terms of effects and all this glossy stuff. But I would gladly see drastic workflow improvements at the cost of a few new VFx.



  • apmorez
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    +1 for markers. it is very useful once you're used to it.

  • JanosDrencsan
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    This is definitely a much needed functionality. This is exactly what i'm looking for right now. Adding markers should be very simple. Once it is out, it can be further enhanced by adding labels or comments, or even recognizing & importing gopro tags.

  • Triem23
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    Just a reminder guys--dev moderated Wishlist Thread that's regularly checked. 

    Go be squeaky wheels there. It's regularly logged by staff, and more Marker votes is good. 

  • JanosDrencsan
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    Thanks Triem23 for your suggestion.

    I checked out this thread:


    The feature we are looking for is a the top of the Timeline list. 


      • Markers on the timeline, with the ability to add markers during playback without the playhead stopping. (jc4d)"

    I hope we get it soon.

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    I just downloaded hitfilm and started my first project. After 2 minutes i needed to mark a spot in a track. do I add a marker here... no button for that.... gotta check the help pages... WHAT????   I guess every software has its dealbreaker huh?

  • CleverTagline
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    So you're bailing because HitFilm doesn't have markers?


  • AlexanderHeim
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    Thats what I did at least. I would be happy to go back to Hitfilm but as long as this feature is not implemented I simply can´t. Synchronizing Audio and Video without markers just takes way too long for bigger projects.

    I just don´t understand why they haven´t added it. A little feature like that can´t be that hard to implement, especially when you just need to take the marking methods from split and leave out the actual splitting part.

  • Stargazer54
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    Well, uh . . . lack of markers is not a deal breaker, but an annoyance.  One way to do a workaround (Besides the ColorPlanes method above)-you can add a new track, drop on an image for a few frames, go to properties and make the image transparent, then place the box on the timeline on top of the spot to mark.    Slide down the timeline, make a new one and so on.

    Remember you can hold down the Control key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the timeline.

    So there are ways to work around it until the devs bring forth a solution.

    But agreed, trying to mark on the fly to a music beat is more problematic.

    But please remember when you compare AE (or Adobe in general) and HF you have a giant company with 25 year old software and lots of money for development versus a very small company of dedicated individuals who have wrought forth an awesome piece of software in 8 years while relying on limited resources.    And the price is right for Pro and it does so many wonderful things.  

    Gotta have some patience folks.  I know they'll get to it.

    In my mind HF is first a compositor and editor second.   If it's not for you then its not for you.  Thanks for playing and good luck with your future projects.


  • TxH003
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    As someone who has recently become interested Hitfilm Pro, I am surprised that a basic function, such as markers, was not included a long time ago.

    Also, the inability to continue video playback while performing various actions, such as slicing video clips, makes Hitfilm Pro very impractical for my editing workflow.

    I truly want to support FX Home, but I would love to see the said two items added to Hitfilm.


  • DominoPivot
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    Same here. I was already put off by the fact it's impossible to use audio as a parameter for effects (other than the extremely limited audio visualizers you can purchase), but the lack of a marker feature prevents me from doing much. Heck, I ended up programming my own audio visualizer in JavaScript and recorded it using OBS because I couldn't do anything with Hitfilm.

    TxH003 just above summarized it well. I've been using HitFilm for seven months and would totally buy a license if these features were in. That and compatibility with opensource formats.

    In the mean time I'm giving VEGAS a look thanks to the Humble Bundle deal which gave me an old version for 20$. I'm not too convinced by their interface, but at least they've got markers.

  • MacChen
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    It's mid 2018 now.  I try to search how to add marker in HitFilm Express and find this post on first of my google seach.  The Express version I just download still lack of Marker.  Is it should be a de-facto function of all video editing application?  Why people are waiting for 7 years for a simple function?

    As the HitFilm name implied, how the hell you can edit film without using marker?

  • CleverTagline
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    This may sound strange, but people edit without markers all the time. I use Reaper for all of my audio editing, and it's got markers, and I almost never use them. I'm sure that some aspects of editing may become slightly easier when/if markers are added to HitFilm, but I'm getting along just fine without them, and don't feel like not having them is the huge overpowering burden that some make it out to be.

  • TimStannard
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    Jay and MacChen, of course you can edit without markers. As you can edit without just about any facility.

    The fact is markers are a great help to those who find them useful. I find it really useful to tap along to the beat, thus ensuring cuts are made where the beat "feels" it lands (which does not always coincide with where it technically lands.) Anyway, I do not want to be expanding and searching for the peak in the waveform. If the music is low in the mix and other audio (eg dialog) much higher, that is no help.

    I don't give a monkeys about someone complaining there's not this or that facility, but it's not my place to criticise them by saying plenty of people do without it.

    Equally, as a programmer more years ago than I care to remember, I appreciate that introducing markers may not be so "basic" as many posters seem to think and i am happy to wait for the facility. However, it is not going to stop me requesting them from time to time.





  • CleverTagline
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    FWIW, I was specifically addressing the "how the hell you can edit film without using marker?" question posed by @MacChen. I totally get that some people love them, and I've learned to mostly keep my mouth shut when the topic comes up, but acting like it's impossible to edit without them is ridiculous.

  • Stargazer54
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    Agreed.  Markers are a convenience.  I have mainly used them to indicate areas on the timeline that I want to go back to and tweak or help with syncing sound.  Other than that it's just personal preference, but they aren't necessary.

  • CleverTagline
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    Exactly my point. People putting in request after request for markers? I've learned to live with that.  But that's not what some people are doing, and the "how the hell can you edit" question above is a tame example.  IIRC, there have been posts where the HitFilm devs have been all but ridiculed for not putting markers in the app yet.  Other authors (including more than one in this thread) proclaim that the absence of markers in HitFilm is a deal-breaker, swearing that they won't use it until markers are added.

    I get that some have built a workflow in other apps that includes markers, so switching to an app without them will definitely require a workflow shift.  But I have a hard time believing that the shift is so great as to impact the editing process that much.  One author above wrote, "the lack of a marker feature prevents me from doing much." I could see how the absence of splitting or trimming tools might prevent a user from doing much. But saying that you can't do much without markers just leaves me scratching my head.

  • TxH003
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    Considering that markers are a feature in practically every NLE, it is obvious that some users have developed their usage into their NLE workflow prior to HitFilm.  In 2018, I would not expect an NLE, including the low budget options, to not contain markers. 

    In every NLE, there are features that are used by some users and others that are not.  If lack of markers is not a feature you wish to be added, fine.  However, do not discount  that other users would find markers highly value-added and the lack of the said feature could impact a potential or continued customer's purchasing decision.

    As a relatively newcomer to HitFilm Pro, I can attest that I am one of them that will factor a basic feature, such as markers, as well as other improvements, into my decision to continue with HitFilm and it is not out of spite or anger, but a matter of productivity based on my workflow.  I admit that markers are not the only improvement I would take into consideration in regards to a future purchasing decision, but it would definitely move the needle in a favorable direction.

    I would assume that most users invest in HitFilm, whether time and/or money,  would love to see the software continue to succeed and grow its user base, as this will provide more development opportunities.  However, to basically, advise other users to deal with it because the matter does not impact me, is rather counter-productive to the said end-result.

    With that said, at this stage of HitFilm's development cycle, I honestly question why is this still a topic of discussion in light of the fact that it has been requested for several years?  Why has this feature request been ignored for so long?  Only the developers can answer, but I must admit that I do find it rather odd.

  • Triem23
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    @TimStannard @jsbarrett @Stargazer54 @ThX003 @MacChen @DominoPivot @AlexanderHeim @poperock

    I could post the relevant Aiden Robbins video, but I'll just describe the workflow...

    Markers are just that. A dedicated marker function would be nice, but you can make your own.

    Create a video track under your timeline. Drop a plane where you want a marker. You can drag out the end of the plane to create a region. Change the color of the plane as needed for other areas.

    Pro 6+ users and Express 8+ with the proper add-on pack. can use the new Text effect. Stick in on a top track and keyframe new text content for each region.

    So, Hitfilm lacks markers, but those are two ways to roll your own. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • CleverTagline
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    "However, to basically, advise other users to deal with it because the matter does not impact me, is rather counter-productive to the said end-result."

    I'm sorry if "deal with it because the matter does not impact me" is what was inferred from reading my comments. That was not my intent. However, I am genuinely curious why some users appear unwilling to adapt their marker-based workflow to a different toolset, choosing instead to effectively write off HitFilm's editor as unusable because it lacks this one feature.

    I remember watching the video from Aiden that @Triem23 mentioned, and while I haven't tried that approach to see if it helps to streamline my editing, it feels like a viable alternative to markers. Granted, I'm assuming that one of the features of markers in other software is the ability to quickly jump between them via hotkeys. This can't be done with the workaround that Aiden uses, but it still feels like there's some benefit to the technique. So why not use it?

    I'm a big believer in the benefits of adapting to changing circumstances, and feel that there's more to be gained by being flexible and seeking for a workable alternative when a specific tool doesn't exist, rather than rigidly believing that the absence of that tool prevents me from doing my job.  Is any workaround going to be a perfect replacement for markers? No. But until markers are added, using a workaround makes more sense to me than outright dismissal of the entire package.

  • Palacono
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    I doubt adding markers would be a big programming task, but adding them would only expose more issues. You can certainly edit without them, but there isn't currently a way to insert a gap between tracks that doesn't also slice and move all tracks above and below the one you want to insert something into. That's a lot harder to work around, so if there was a priority list of things to fix, that would be higher on the list, along with clip grouping and RAM Preview and adjustable playback speed etc. etc. so Hitfilm can playback at a speed slow enough to render all frames and allow you to set 'beat' markers for music.

    Hitfilm isn't intended to make movies with, it's to construct short scenes; which you'd use another editor to join together. Trying to edit anything longer than about 30 seconds is like using a screwdriver to hammer in a nail.

  • NormanPCN
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    @jsbarrett "However, I am genuinely curious why some users appear unwilling to adapt their marker-based workflow to a different toolset, "

    Assuming one has an edit workflow heavily dependent on markers. Then doing your edit without them could be like doing backflips to get from point A to point B. That is quite tiring and laborious. Walking is easier. Can you do it. Yes, of course, but would you want to. To each his/her own. Expecting someone to get better at backflips is just silly.

    Markers are a basic point of entry in editors it seems. Probably for quite some time. I can get how someone could come to Hitfilm and have a  WTF moment. Saying I can't edit is fine. Projecting that to others like how can "anyone" edit without this is silly.

    That said, I have used markers heavily. I have used them to drop music sync points onto the timeline. So for me a marker feature without the ability drop them during playback is worthless. That's me. In Vegas, press the "m" key. I feel safe in saying that I would not want to sync to music without something like markers. For example, I once dropped about 80 markers and then dropped in 80 still clips that were all sized and positioned according to the markers. Easy, peasy. (aka Ken Burns type video)

    Hitfilm will never have that level of automation. Heck even Vegas does not. Vegas does have a script engine and a script can do the clip dropping and sizing by markers. Still in something like that it would be nice to be able to drag a clip to the timeline and snap to a marker edge and then let me snap size the clip using following marker as a snap point. 

    Like in this thread, people wonder why FxHome has not done some things to the editor. Really, IMO, FxHome does not care that much about the editor and it's workflow. That is harsh, but the editor sits before us as is and I have watched updates since V3. They do add an NLE type feature once a year, so they don't absolutely not care about the NLE. Just only a certain amount. NLEs are not sexy or as marketable I guess.

    At once a year and given the state it could be years before they get somewhere. The recent NLE addition of keyframes to the NLE is really just correcting a glaring massive horrible hole in the app. I don't consider it an addition, if you catch my drift. It should have always been there from day one of the NLE.  Okay you could keyframe in Hitfilm with comps, but now we are back to doing backflips again. Then there is the large workflow issues with audio when one converts to comps (e.g. keyframe to a music file on the NLE timeline). Thankfully we don't have to backflip anymore in this regard, and this is huge. Applause, not so sure.

    If you do things like the short films FxHome shows in their Hitfilm marketing then the editor is probably good to go. Venture outside that filmic zone and the editor often trips you and you then faceplant. Faceplants can be annoying.

  • TimStannard
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    @Triem23 Mike, creating regions or setting keyframes are indeed ways of placing markers, but only for placing a few markers. It would be a really inconvenient and potentially incorrect way of placing markers so we can cut to the beat.

    Do I really want to go through a 60 second piece of music examining the waveform or stopping/starting it then placing something at that point? No, I'd like to be able to do what I do in Vegas that is play the piece and tap along with the "M" key. It takes 30 seconds for a 30 second piece of music and the markers, which are all candidate points for cutting between shots, will be in the proper place accounting for feel, which is something that would be lacking if looking purely at the waveform.

    It's not just music. I find it very useful to drop markers on a clip for where I think an out point should be. Yes I can stop playback in other ways, but I then have to make the commitment there and then (eg cut the clip) or use on of the other methods of  creating a marker which involves adding another layer. It's all a bit of an effort in order to make a note.

    It's not a deal-breaker. I not whinging about it, but it's a facility I'd like to see and when it crops up every now and then I like to show my support for having markers included and explain my reasons why.


  • JMcAllister
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    my take:

    -I do use markers in other software, and find them a useful tool.

    -Even Blender has markers in it's editing timeline. And Blender isn't exactly famous for it's NLE.

    -That said, the lack of markers in Hitfilm has not prevented me from editing short films in Hitfilm's editor.

    -Yes, you can use coloured planes on the editor timeline to mark out different sections and get stuff to snap to the edges of them. But you can't easily jump between them, can't add them with a keyboard shortcut, and can't add them without stopping playback.

    -Yes, you can (now) set keyframes on some arbitrary property in the editor to mark out particular times, using a keyboard shortcut, and easily jump between them using the previous/next keyframe controls. But you can't get stuff to snap to those keyframes and you can't jump between them unless that particular property is selected. And you can't add them without stopping playback.

    -Yes, FXhome could add markers to Hitfilm. But you still wouldn't be able to add them to the timeline without stopping playback.


    The main issue here is less the lack of markers, but more the everything-stops-playback.

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