Magic Lantern firmware

guitar74guitar74 Website User Posts: 506
Has anyone ever heard of Magic Lantern firmware for a DSLR Camera? I was wondering if it is worth installing or has anyone heard bad things about it. Thanks


  • SilentwisherSilentwisher Website User Posts: 28
    Yes I have heard of it. I use it as well. I use it for when I need to be really specific on certain settings or timelapse stuff.
    With that being said, if you dont follow directions exactly it could end bad " so they say ". I installed mine with only one issue. I panicked in the middle of a install and luckily nothing happened.
    One final note, it is pretty hard to use in my opinion. I learn more stuff about it everyday.
  • fredclipsfredclips Website User Posts: 228
    I love it. wish I had installed it earlier.
    Built in intervalometer is great when playing with time lapse photography.
    The automatic photo on exposure change works well for storms and lightning.
    When videoing I love being able to up and down arrow to adjust focus a set amount.
    There is lots more as I'm sure u read on the website.
    (Had zero trouble installing it as well. Just follow the instructions carefully!)
  • JEStudiosJEStudios Website User Posts: 11
    I have this installed on my Cannon T2i and the one thing I like about it the most is its something that can be removed by removing the memory card and its not really changing anything physically. Not to mention that settings it allows that the stock firmware doesnt.
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