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Hey all I see things have Changed since I was around the old FXhome site. it looks like everyone move over her to Hitfilms which cool. Anyway want to come by and say hi to all and hope is well since the last time I've chatted with you all. Also I like to talk to you all about a Web Series I've been working on and off for the last Three years. Its called Blackout and after long endless nights and finally getting some free time to myself I have decide to green light the project.
Blackout is apart of my experimental reaches of trying new film aspects or styles. In this case its the film style of Machinima. For those who have no ideal what a machinima is its a video or short skit that takes place within the confines of a pre-rendered 3D computer engine. Such a games that as theater mode or a demo recorder. Some examples would be the web show known as Red Vs. Blue or BBC Time Commanders where the show battles through the total war engine.
Well with blackout the viewers of the show find Four unlikely charterers waking up in a laboratory of some kind. they do not know how they got there or why along with who they are.. As they explore the dark hallways of this building they find their not alone. people are acting strange and attacking each other with no reason. So our Four heroes if you will must fight for their life as they try to find way out of this nightmarish maze. soon they discover Diana, she tells of a project to cure post-traumatic stress disorder for war veterans. Diana also reveals a much dark plot for this so called "humanitarian act." Now all five of them must work together to escape and discover the truth that the lead Doctor Alexander Pifster is hiding.
Anyway that is a brief story of what Blackout is about. but blackout is focused on making a gripping story that pull its viewers in and build a relationship with them. the show will also try to cover issues on the Hippocratic Oath, asking if its a outdated "code of honor" that only serves to restrict and limit medical research or is it still a relevant model to preserve ones humanity. while also dealing with ones pasts mistakes and dealing with them.
Lastly I started a lovely Kickstarterlast couple of days go for it. I'm treating blackout like a real production as much as i can. I have been working on this for some time now and I really want to see it come to life. I just need so last minute funding to get the last things i need. mics and most importantly a new internal video capture card since my old on no longer works with my new PC. Also I am planning on getting Hitfilms to help touch up some shots and some much needed green screen. lastly i'm at the point that my team needs to find someone to help make a originally soundtrack for the show. I'm trying to make this show as original as possible.
Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. and i shall post a link to my kickstarter page for my Web Series if you want to check it out and I do ask for feed back and that you guys please help me out. it would mean alot.


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    Sounds interesting! A few questions sprang to mind:
    - Why did you decide to go the Machinima route, rather than live action or another form of animation?
    - You mention body actors. Does the system support motion capture of some sort?
    - Will you be using the Halo engine and assets to create the series, or something more flexible and modern like the Source Filmmaker?

    Good luck with the project and funding! :)
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    Thanks Simon,
    The reason I decided to go the machinima route was to learn more about what this film type. I look at film making as an artist. its a way to express thoughts or to show something that someone wouldn't have seen before. like a poet you writes a sonnet to express the feeling he has. though I feel as a film maker Its my duty to have experience in all types of film. I have done live action film a lot and that's what got me into filming, but I feel its good to change it up once in awhile to see what i can do. plus with michinima it can be very challenging and I like that.
    As for your last two question I'm going to be using the Halo engine to tell the story of blackout. though keep in him the story will not deal with the Halo games at all. Blackout well be using the engine to create sets and have pr- made Characters to make the story come to life. Also the Halo engine in my opine is the best to start with for beginner who have not made a Machinima before. Lastly body acting is where I get a group of people to control the bodies or player control toons in the game to move where I have set the blocking in the scene.
    Thanks again Simon for checking it out. also if anyone else has questions please feel free to ask. last any suggestion would be nice as well. I like this kickstarter to reach its goal before the 16th of Dec. and your guy help would be appreciated.
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    Hey guys,
    My web series Blackout kickstarter page has 26 days left. and we only need $600 to reach our goal. Please help support this project so we can bring it to life. Also please spread the word and help us reach our goal before December the 16th
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