Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is out now

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  • Well... that doesn't play in my country. (Australia)
    Guessing it's locked to US only?
    I didn't know this was going to be blocked... I've been able to watch the trailers, etc.
    Do they REALLY think that geo-blocking something like this is going to be effective?
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    So, what is this? Why do we need more Battlestar Galactica?
  • The video footage was shot a long time ago, with minimal set pieces, and lots of green screen.
    Then the project lost its funding and all the footage was sitting on a drive somewhere.
    Fortunately they found some creative financing and Dvd deal.
    So the est. 2 hour movie is being released as mini web videos every week, followed by the SyFy channel showing it as a full movie in Feb 2013, followed by a DVD and maybe Bluray release.
    Everyone is hoping that the demand is high so they can make more, and release either on SyFy or via internet.
    If not it dies there I guess. I hope it succeeds.
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    The first two webisodes were pretty good. It'll be cool to see the rest of them.
    It's really too bad that SyFy has the rights to Battlestar though. As soon as they changed their name from SciFi and started airing WWE, they went downhill. The new series 'Defiance' looks great, but I doubt I'll watch just because SyFy has a habit of canceling good series before their time. It's not quite to Fox levels yet, but it's close. No sense getting excited about a series and get into it and then a few months later, it's toast. Lately, it seems like SyFy is where good shows go to die. heh