RED cameras price-drop up to 45 per cent

MproducerMproducer Website User Posts: 45
Now I know these cameras are still expensive, but the price drop is good news.
The cost of making new cameras is decreasing, and there is more competition.
You can rent them too, but the price update was exciting. Lens kits can be rented too.
Just thought this was interesting.
RED cameras price-drop before Christmas, up to 45 per cent
RED ONE M-X - $4,000 (£2,795) - EoL (End of Line)
Scarlet Brain - $7,950 (£5,556)
EPIC-X Brain - $19,000 (£13,287)
EPIC-X Monochrome Brain - $20,000 (£13,978)
EPIC-M Brain - $24,000 (£16,772)
Though End of Line, the ONE M-X had once been worth as much as $25,000, other cameras have dropped up to 45 per cent from their previous cost. RED claims that this "attitude adjustment" is purely a result of scaling-up production, citing that assembly times have fallen from 12 hours to 13 minutes, whilst materials have also become cheaper.


  • spydurhankspydurhank Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,829 Ambassador
    Hmm... this is actually pretty awesome! :D
  • MichaelJamesMichaelJames Website User Posts: 2,038 Enthusiast
    I saw it but then your dealing with using their media. Can anyone price out a shootable rig using a red one M-X?
  • AculagAculag Website User Posts: 708 Just Starting Out
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    If I wasn't saving for a move, and if I wasn't very sensible, and if I ever actually made films anymore, I would totally spend all of my money on a red one rig.
  • JCL_FilmsJCL_Films Website User Posts: 156
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    That would be great if it was completely true, but (unless you already own Red accessories) by the time you buy batteries, ssd card, charger, monitor, dock for ssd card, and lens, you have spent over ten thousand dollars and you’re living out of your car because you’ve sold your house to pay it off. :wacko: Forgive me, I am just ranting because I would love to have one. :( I have come to the conclusion that Reds are for serious money makers, not for hobbyists. Perhaps in a few more years… Come on camera manufacturers, don’t just stand there! Do something! :(( Im going to go play with Hitfilm 2. ;)
  • AculagAculag Website User Posts: 708 Just Starting Out
    SRS, you don't have to own a camera to shoot with it. You can be a hobbyist and still use high end gear. You just rent it. :)
  • JCL_FilmsJCL_Films Website User Posts: 156
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    Very true, maybe there is hope yet that i will shoot with a RED before i die. :) Maybe someday if i have a great script i will consider renting a RED rig. Hopefully, by then 4k raw cameras will be the price of a dslr. Now that would be cool! B-)
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