Ideal Gloves for Camera Operation?

Keegan Posts: 287 Just Starting Out*
The title says it all.
I live in a very chilly place. Summer is nice and the other three seasons are freezing. I film year-round and am often exposed to the elements.
Last year, when we shot Sentry, I chose not to wear gloves in order to maintain all tactile movement in my fingers. As I'm sure you all could have guessed, my fingers turned into icy rocks and the only way to use my camera was to push my hand in the direction of the record button and hope one of my inanimate fingers would successfully push it.
Do any of you have any experience with the operation of DSLR cameras while wearing gloves? I need something tight enough to allow my fingers to manipulate the controls and something with enough grip to hold the camera, glidecam, or tripod safely.
Any ideas? My fingers, they beg you! :p