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Hey folks-
I combined Simon's tutorial on the 3D space nebula with Axel's tutorial on practical fire & text to make a title sequence for the opening of my short films. In the final grade layer I shifted the mids towards yellow and the shadows towards green instead of going with red and blue.

For those who haven't tried this yet, be aware that when you have this much 3D compositing going on it takes a long time to render. I have a fairly powerful computer with an i7 quadcore processor, a Nvidea GTX 550ti graphics card, and 32GB of RAM... It took almost 2 hours to render this 8 second clip.
Let me know what you guys think.


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    Nice! Its great to see you combining ideas and using them in your own context, as opposed to just copying the tutorials exactly.
    Incidentally, if you use the Share button on the YouTube page for the video, and drop that address into your forum post rather than the entire address for the video page, you can embed the video into the post. I edited your post to do that here.
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    Thanks Axel!!
    And thank you for the tip on sharing the link!
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