Quick question over stabilizing footage ...

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Hi folks.
I know (bcos of other posts on this) that HF can do this, but even tho there are threads on it, no one has made a video to show how to do it.
I have video that moves a bit too much and I wanted to stabilize it, but for some reasen I just cant seem to understand the other threads long text posts on it. So.....I was wondering if I could ask one of you nice people to throw a short vid together to see how its done.
Thanks! :D


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    +1. I've been curious about this as well.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Stabilizing is fairly straightforward; can you explain which step is causing you trouble?
    1. Track your footage.
    2. In the Track panel, set the Purpose to Stabilize, and click Apply.
    If you can clarify at what point you are looking for more detail, I can try fill in the blanks for you.