Greenscreen marker colour

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I'm starting to work with 3D virtual set so I'm going to be shooting on greenscreen soon and it got me thinking: what colour do you think is best for tracking markers? green ones would be easier to remove, but the moment they go out of focus they're gone. Red ones are good because you can just switch over the the red channel in you program and they'll stick out even if they're almost completely out of focus. Blue could work but that gives another constrained for wardrobe.
what do YOU think?


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    Hollywood Camera Work has a decent looking tutorial on this and it looks like you can buy individual lessons instead of the whole bundle if you want.
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    They actually have that particular tutorial as a free sample on their website. That's actually what gave me the idea of starting this thread. I'm looking for what other people think on this subject.
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    There are so many options when it comes to which tracking markers to use for a green screen shoot, and it can change depending on your needs and situation.
    The most desirable option is to use props and set pieces that will appear in the final composite to aid tracking. You won't have to try and paint them out.
    Using a lighter or darker green marker than your green screen is also another great option, and the one I would try to lean towards. They can easily be keyed out with a secondary key.
    Other common color options are white, red, and blue. Basically, any color that can be easily extracted while compositing.
    Detailed graphical markers can also be used, but may make removing them more complex.
    If you have to go with a color other than green, try pick a color that doesn't show up in your subject or props.
    Place your markers in a way that will limit them crossing behind the subject as much as possible, while still getting enough information for the match move.
    Garbage matte out any markers you can to reduce the work load. A loose garbage matte around your subject will not only aid in getting a better key, but also limit the amount of marker cleanup.
    Unfortunately, there will be situations where you may be required to go in and paint the markers out frame by frame in problem areas, especially when using a color that isn't easily keyable.
    So a different shade of green would be best if possible. Even if you were to go with blue for clarity sake, you can simply draw garbage mattes around the blue markers so the keying won't effect the subject (especially great when a marker goes behind hair or fine details).
    Hope that helps,