Stabbing Effect, Arrows and Knives?

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I am trying to get a shot of someone stabbing a person with a sword as seen on The Fellowship of the Ring when Aragorn and Boramir are fighting all those orcs. I have seen the behind the scenes but I don't think they tell much about that.
Also do you guys know of any clever ways to make arrows stick in someone like Boramir had?


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    For arrows hitting, you animate them. Once the arrows are in, you use a plate underneath the clothing, which is formed to the actor's body, and which the arrows attach to. The plate needs to be big enough, and strapped to the person well enough, that it stays put. Then ideally you put a short threaded sleeve into the plate, and screw the end of the arrow into the sleeve. This makes it easy to attach and remove the arrows through the costume.
    For sword stabs, judicious camera angles make all the difference in the world.
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    Alright thanks guys. I am filming tomorrow and will have behind the scenes ready by the weekend! God bless.